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Inward Rasta - Range - 2017 Reggae

Released on: 29 March 2017

Genre: Reggae

Inward Rasta


“The song is based on a mixture of perspectives both on my own extended family structure as well as friends who practice and believe in the faith of the whole life, history and culture of Rastafarianism. The whole concept stems from living in a world where one is not judged or segregated based on what society expects as it relates to practices, beliefs or religion. Inward Rasta speaks for people who maybe frowned upon or judged in today’s world because of their appearance. Though considered misfits in the aspect of such sacred religion they are yet intrigued, fascinated and interconnected to Rastafari in some way. Whether by having friends who practice the faith, families who believe in the faith or through anyone who understands and is willing to share and make aware of this beautiful, powerful, isolated and sacramental practice. Though they might not have the dreadlocks they still have that inner desire and fundamental, physical and spiritual attachment to that of a Rastafarian’, Range explained.