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VPAL Music
Artist Development is a big part of becoming a successful artist. A lot of upcoming artists are so focused on creating music that they forget to develop themselves into superstars. Creating good music is only part of the equation. Initially, developing an artist was the responsibility of the labels and the A&R rep that “discovered” you. However, in today’s world, the responsibility of artist development is in the hands of the artist and their “camp” with efforts from their distribution company to explain and guide them – and if done correctly, is very profitable. VPAL Music is committed to powering creativity in today’s dynamic music marketplace by providing the best distribution, marketing and services to our clients. Our state-of-the-art, cost-efficient and scalable technology platforms, and our partners benefit from our experienced, knowledgeable people, our unparalleled commitment to customer service and our thoughtful marketing solutions that drive results. We aspire to be the most transparent distributors for all of the labels & artists we work with. We believe this approach helps us and our clients succeed today and for years to come.