Qraig Voicemail & Astyle Alive – Listen To Me

Qraig Voicemail & Astyle Alive - Listen To Me

He’s a name that’s synonymous with dancehall and reggae for close to two decades strong. As a third of the hit group Voicemail, Qraig has sung, danced and DJ’d his musical message into the hearts and homes of many. On the cusp of his next album release, a solo effort, he only asks this time that you Listen To Me.

From quintet to solo star, Qraig, born Jerome Jackson, has seen it all; every downturn, uptick, success and heartbreak. These lessons and more are the bedrock of his upcoming studio album, due out June 24.

Produced by renowned entrepreneur/record producer Astyle Alive, the 12-track album will showcase Qraig’s versatility, growth and vision.

Laced with modern sounds for today’s fanbase, Listen… also has a throwback groove for the old-school fans; the pair carefully crafted this album for a global audience.

Listen To Me is now available for immediate pre-order via the ITunes Store & Amazon with pre-save availabilty with other digital distribution outlets. An official release across all DSP’s is set for June 24.

E-Dee, the Dancehall Celebrity – Elevate Album

E-Dee, the Dancehall Celebrity - Elevate Album

E-Dee, the Dancehall Celebrity, has released his latest full length album Elevate.

Out today and bursting with hooks, the 16 song CD and digital release boasts a fire collection of singles alongside new unreleased songs like the latest single “Every Time I See You” to which the music video drops simultaneously with the album.

The album brings classic vibes of 90’s and 2000’s dancehall, party vibes, full of bedroom bravado, aggressive swaggering club tracks, as well as conscious roots reggae. The free-wheeling sing-jay specializes in light hearted fun, with all of the charm of a Jamaican country boy living in Hollywood.

Everton’s vocal flexibility and range comes from the depth of his personality, which is mostly a ladies man, but at the same time a badman. Some songs he delivers high strong singing melodies, others he brings a low deep booming tone. E-Dee’s ability to deliver high energy party vibes alongside strong roots songs is a combination he has maintained since his early career.

Lyrics and songs on the new album paint the picture of what its like to be a dancehall celebrity in Hollywood, living “lifestlyes of the rich and reckless, champagne showers and sex for breakfast” quoting “Needed Me”. Love, the pursuit of women, and party vibes are what one might expect for a dancehall artist, but like all great artists, E-Dee’s music reflects the times. On the deeper songs from Elevate Everton delivers strong roots numbers that tackle systemic oppression in his collaborations with the legendary Glen Washington “Where I Belong”, and “Ghetto Yutes Rise” with I-Octane, as well as his hit song with Irie Love, “Revolution”

E-Dee has a disarming ability to be aggressive yet charming, sweet, but a badman. And a badman still has feelings. Maybe a sentimental rude boy that wants to change the world is exactly what dancehall needs right now. Collaborations on the album with Future Fambo, and Wayne Wonder are also big standouts.

Produced by his long time collaborator, Grammy-Award winner Qmillion, the album released by Unseen Lab Recordings is available at all media outlets now. E-Dee is lining up shows for the summer and fall in support of his new release.

UTG (Likkle Vybz & Likkle Addi) – Team Different

UTG (Likkle Vybz & Likkle Addi) - Team Different

Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi’s New Album Is Bold, Deep and Lighthearted All In One Smooth Thirteen Track Body

The two young stars and sons of the iconic Vybz Kartel, are the best they’ve ever been on this new album titled “Team Different”. The album which features the lead single Euphoric Love, a time tested tale of love and romance, is slated for release May 6th, when it will be available for purchase and streaming everywhere music is sold and streamed. With this effort the duo has distinguished themselves within the dancehall space, which is no small task when the most influential dancehall artist is the head of your household. With “Team Different”, Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi make an incredibly strong case for their own respect and appreciation as great artists in the Jamaican music space.

Originally bursting onto the scene in 2014 under the moniker PG13, this duo has weathered the storm that is fame from an early age. With singles like Hello Daddy, Gimme Di Money, Radio and more, the world got its first few experiences with this duo of dancehall royalty. While the duo has performed exceptionally on home team projects like Dancehall Royalty, To Tanesha, Dons and Diva and several other riddims, they excel on their own projects. The Skinny Jeans EP released in February 2020, is perhaps the most ideal example of this, with the lead single Skinny Jeans going on to become one of the featured songs in the famous video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto. While they both inherited the ability to compose great lyrics from their father, they have advanced themselves through learning musical instruments and the business of music, making them more rounded than even their Vybz Kartel himself.

This new album, released via ONErpm, in many ways exudes that resolved maturity that we can hear in their most recent interviews with The Star and DancehallMag and Urban Island. Team Different is set for release under the duo’s own UTG(Uptown Gaza label) and includes tracks like Luxury, Miss World Renown, and even title track Team Different, all produced in-house at UTG. Not only are Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi pushing the limits of what they have done before musically, but they also remain as topical as their father. The second season of a recent romance drama television series on Netflix named Euphoria has been capturing the world since its release in January and the duo has tapped into that public conversation about love with this single. Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi are both crafty in their lyrics and bold in their melodies, which makes for a great listening experience. The content of the song is also very subversive, rather than the emo cold hearted modern male archetype that is common in music from their peers, the duo steer toward a more emotionally secure and sensitive depiction. This is a sentiment echoed throughout not just Euphoric Love but the entire album as a whole. Their approach and subject matter on this album are unique, without copying or catering to what is popular. The duo stands out, easily giving the name Team Different another layer of meaning.

Click link https://onerpm.link/teamdifferent


1. Team different
2. Hype
3. Pop Off
4. Bad Benz
5. Discuss
6. Hey Girl
7. Luxury
8. Euphoric
9. Nobody Else
10. Miss World Renowned
11. Dynamite
12. Love Yuh
13. Superb

Stylo G – Detention Mixtape

Stylo G - Detention Mixtape

Stylo G releases debut mixtape

Detention is the first mixtape from Jamaican-born UK based dancehall artiste Stylo G.

Released on April 29 via 365 Records, the ten track project features production work from the likes of Chimney Records, The Fanatix, Crash Dummy, Iron Ryan, Brixton Bass Mafia and others.

The tracks are Snap, Camel Toe, Google, Like, Tek it Out, Body featuring Haile, Sym, One Time, Spain Town and Yuh Mussi Mad.

Stylo G whose real name is Jason McDermott has been making a name for himself in international music circles with multiple hits including Touch Down (with Vybz Kartel and Nicki Minaj), Dumplin (remix featuring Sean Paul and Spice) and the UK chart rider Soundbwoy.

Wally Kyat – Where We From

Wally Kyat - Where We From

Where We From?
When asked this question the response of many tend to be the neighborhood where they grew up, a place that’s molded them to who they are today. Regardless of the geographical location, what rings true is that through life’s experiences, many of us are connected and share similar memories. “Where We from”, the debut album of Virgin Islands recording artist Wally Kyat, has eleven tracks that lends insight to those experiences, whether personal or relative from the outside looking in. With a sound centered around Reggae and Dancehall, subtle influences from R&B, Soca and Afro beats is also evident throughout. “Where We From” is an accurate representation of the Melting Pot that is the Virgin Islands in itself.
The album opens with the title track “Where We From” as it encourages listeners to accompany Wally Kyat on a journey of his childhood. A childhood that may not seem very ideal for any young adolescent to grow in but as stated in the song “even though we’re bad, this is the place where I love…. Virgin Islands grow meh, got to show meh love”.

“Where We From” also includes two features on the album from international recording artists. The first one “Poison Love” features GT Queen recording artist from Guyana, Timeka Marshall. This tracks speaks on a being intertwined in a love that is toxic and hard to let go and centers around the idea that “The hardest thing to resist is that thing that isn’t good for you”. The next feature track “Feelings” features international recording reggae artist Pressure Busspipe. This track touches a side of Wally Kyat that has never been seen before and expresses an intimate experience shared with a woman in his life.
The album closes off with a song titled “More Life” which expresses giving thanks in everything you do as we go through our individual walks of life. “Where We From” has something that everyone can relate to and is now available on all streaming platforms. To stay up to date with current and new releases follow @Wallykyat on all social media and music platforms (FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify).

Gary Walters – Ghetto Child

Gary Walters - Ghetto Child

This album titled Ghetto Child is an illustration of different lifestyles. If you’re a spiritual person and you’re into gospel, If you’ve been hurt by love. There’s a dedication to people who’ve been hurt by love. The song titled House Love is a song for healing all the violence and hatred that’s going on in the world today. Ghetto Child sends a message to all the young ladies who don’t want to take parental guidance. It’s a song to keep them out of trouble, it’s a warning. Gary Walters from Barbados has been in entertainment for many years. This new album is his latest work with all songs written and sung by Gary Walters.

Gary has shared the stage with the late Jackie Opel, The Dukes, Egbert Sayers, and his Fontains and Mike Wilkinson. By fifteen he had already appeared on the Vic Brewster talent show on CBC TV and through that one appearance he received many bookings at such popular nightspots of the time, like the Caribbean Pepper Pot and the South Winds Hotel. Gary currently has more albums to his credit including Caribbean Favorites and Gary Walters Sings His Originals.

Soul Rebel Project – Someday

Soul Rebel Project - Someday

Soul Rebel Project releases the highly anticipated album “Someday” to honor the life of founding member and decade long bandmate Jay Harris who passed away from sarcoidosis complications. The album pays homage by bringing a balance of rock, dub, unique melodic composition with horn heavy grooves and screaming guitars that fans have become accustomed to. Tracks like “Cherry Haze” and “Sweet Reggae ” offer upbeat feel good vibes, while “The Fall” and “Division” show a range that spans from acoustic Ballads to conscious heavy roots. Soul Rebel Project is working with the world renowned VPAL music for this release and are two time winners of the Boston Music Awards international artist of the year in both 2018 and 2019. SRP has shared stages from coast to coast with legends , Damian Marley, Barrington Levy, Freddy Mcgregor, Lee Scratch Perry, Kabaka Pyramid, Etana, JBB, Yellowman, Stick Figure, and Redman and Methodman. With two top ten Billboard reggae albums and a grammy consideration for their 2018 release “Inspiration” , SRP’s first three albums have earned the band industry respect and a reputation as amazing writers, rooted in Rock Reggae and Dub Jam. This full length 15 track album has something for everyone and the band plans on touring in support of the project with shows lined up all over the northeast region as well as Europe.

Kupid aka Q – Thank Q 

Kupid aka Q - Thank Q 

Kupid aka Q – Thank Q https://lnk.fu.ga/kupidakaq_thankq
1. Good Vibes
Kupid aka Q x $kip x Tj Da Deejay
Producer: Tj Da Deejay
Mix and Master: Scratch Master

2. Something 2 Say
Kupid aka Q
Producer: Dolla Cham
Mix and master: Scratch Master

3. Into It 
Kupid aka Q x Freezy 
Producer: Dre Blaze/ S.N.S
Mix and master: Scratch Master

4. Poetic Justice
Kupid aka Q 
Producer: 2Saint
Mix and master: Scratch Master

5. Playbook
Kupid aka Q x Ziggy Ranking
Producer: Victorious Universe 
Mix: Victorious Universe
Master: Scratch Master

6. Top of the World 
Kupid aka Q x Adan Octave x Dj Crown prince 
Producer: Dj Crown Prince
Mix and master: Scratch Master

7. Jockey 
Kupid aka Q x Marzville x Army Guy
Producer: Dhonbeatx (Zie Kone)
Mix and master: Scratch Master

8. Up Next 
Kupid aka Q x Kingnitti x Yung Godd
Producer: 2Saint 
Mix: Kingnitti / 2Saint
Master: Scratch Master

9. Respek 
Kupid aka Q x Cubanis
Producer: Dhonbeatx (Zie Kone)
Mix and master: Scratch Master

10. Thank Q
Kupid aka Q 
Producer: Diamond Jay
Mix and master: Scratch Master

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