The Yutes x Govana – Riches & Power

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The Yutes Team Up with Govana for New Track/Video, “Riches & Power”

– “Riches & Power,” the second single off The Yutes’ forthcoming album, “Ghetto Yutes,” takes listeners on a sonic journey through dancehall, ska and hip-hop. Produced by Cin-Trax, “Riches & Power” shows the uncanny chemistry between The Yutes and Govana, who collaborated for the first time on this track. It shows how adaptive The Yutes are as artists: their catalog includes everything from hip-hop to dancehall to reggae to trap. Meanwhile, Govana is a leading force in Jamaican dancehall and culture, evidenced by his significant YouTube and social media followings. With their brilliant collaboration, The Yutes and Govana are positioned to reach new audiences and satisfy their respective core fan bases in Jamaica.

Directed by Shane Creative, most known for his work with Skillibeng, Jashii, Skeng and Masicka, the video for “Riches & Power” juxtaposes Govana’s home neighborhood in Spanish Town, Kingston with his current beachfront pool party location which overflows with women and luxury. Shane uses a brilliant array of colors to match and enhance their visual allure with their prowess on the mic; from the track to the music video, it’s a star-studded affair. However, The Yutes are no strangers to the spotlight: their resume is impressive in and of itself.

In just the past few years, The Yutes have collaborated with stars from the United States to Jamaica alike. Coming off of their last single, “Get Money,” which featured dancehall icon Masicka, they look to extend their reach and influence in global markets. “Get Money” cohesively tied elements of dancehall and trap music, while the coinciding music video was added in rotation on BET and on Tempo Networks, a leading television channel which broadcasts music and culture across the Caribbean. Since its release, the track and video have been featured in press outlets spanning from the Caribbean to the US.

Prior to “Get Money,” The Yutes explored the vortex of reggae/dancehall/hip-hop/trap as originators of the young “Trap Dancehall” sub-genre by releasing a slew of tracks, including collaborations with Curren$y (“High Grade”) and Stove God Cooks (“In The Kitchen”). Combined with multiple showstopping showcase performances at SXSW over the past years, The Yutes have had their foot on the gas and show no signs of slowing down. Now, “Riches & Power” marks their fourth official music video and it could not come at a better time.


The Yutes X Masicka – Get Money – Babygrande Records

The Yutes X Masicka - Get Money - Babygrande Records

The Yutes and Masicka – Get Money

The Yutes and Masicka, One of Jamaica’s Hottest Artists, Drop Cutting-Edge Trap Dancehall Anthem, “Get Money,” Along with a Coinciding Music Video

With a star-studded cast, “Get Money,” The Yutes’ first single off their forthcoming album, “Ghetto Yutes,” will grab the attention of Jamaican, US, UK, Canadian, and African audiences alike. Masicka’s stronghold on the dancehall scene is undeniable, with his dominance in the genre evidenced by his massive YouTube and social media following, while The Yutes’ allure in the US stems from their uncanny fusion of hip-hop, dancehall, and reggae. Alongside Grammy-award winning producer Teflon, The Yutes have assembled the pieces necessary to make a global impression with their 2022 debut track.

Drawing inspiration from the pervasive appeal of dancehall and hip-hop, The Yutes are crossing into unchartered, yet extremely promising territory. “Get Money” blends their Jamaican roots with their upbringing in the United States, creating a vibe that transcends genres with few comparable references, if any. As the sons of Mr. Lexx, The Yutes, the duo comprised of biological brothers Chris and Santris Palmer, show that their multinational background has gifted them with a keen ear for several different genres, and with this gift, and a recent trip to their hometown of Kingston, they have put together a slew of impressive tracks for their forthcoming album, of which “Get Money” is just the first.

Directed by Shane Creative, the video for “Get Money” will premiere on Masicka’s YouTube channel, where he has nearly one million subscribers and racks up millions of views on each of his videos. With Masicka’s loyal following and trap dancehall’s recent surge in popularity, which has been covered by Red Bull, Dancehall Mag, Urban Islandz, and AfroPunk, “Get Money” will reach global audiences and has the potential to be The Yutes’ biggest track yet. For over three years, The Yutes have been pioneering the genre alongside acts like Skeng, Skillibeng, and Squash, and they are stepping into the limelight with “Get Money.”

The Yutes x Curren$y – “High Grade”

The Yutes x Curren$y - "High Grade"

The Yutes, the brother duo composed of Chris and Santris, deftly combine their Jamaican heritage with modern trap elements into a dynamic sound with eclectic appeal. The sons of dancehall legend Mr. Lexx, The Yutes leverage an unparalleled authenticity and heightened musical sensibility to consistently push the creative envelope. Now, they’re bringing that diverse sound into the new year with their Curren$y-assisted single, “High Grade.”

The Yutes’ premiere 2021 track is an infectious collaboration that leans into the respective parties’ marijuana affinity — both sonically and conceptually. Augmenting familiar reggae tones with a hip-hop edge, “High Grade” is a distinct piece that finds footing in ranging musical camps to deliver a textured offering. The Babygrande Records’ single employs a hybrid singing-rapping aesthetic to express a mutual fondness for getting lifted with the assistance of some potent “High Grade.” As marijuana aficionados, The Yutes and Curren$y’s joint effort sparks a new smoker’s anthem that rises high above the clouds.

Aside from the song’s rich sonics, a consequential element of the “High Grade” beauty exists within its boundary-breaking style. The fusion of hip-hop and reggae creates a musical Venn Diagram, offering familiarity for fans of both genres while imparting something novel in the process. It’s a microcosm of The Yutes’ musical mosaic artistry.

Additionally, the timing of the release is auspicious, as the Democrats’ recent securing of the White House and Congress has placed marijuana on the precipice of legalization; most insiders believe that recreational marijuana will be legalized in 2021. As Chris raps, “Tell dem to free it, tell dem no cease it, the people dem need it.”

After a rewarding 2020 campaign, which saw The Yutes’ “Bring It Back” track cross one-million Spotify streams, Chris and Santris are keen on building upon that momentum. “High Grade” is just the beginning of what’s sure to be a dominant run — get ready for an all out blitz from The Yutes this year.

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