DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts (feat Nigel Rojas) – World on Fire

DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts (feat Nigel Rojas) - World on Fire

DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts (feat Nigel Rojas) – World on Fire

This story of love speaks directly to an addictive allure that calls the listener to Soca, beckoning them to fall in love with a joyous expression of self that generates movement, happiness and laughter. This is the infectious music that infuses one’s soul: it is called Soca and when it connects to the hearts of those who love its rhythm, it sets the ‘World on Fire’.
Track: World on Fire (feat Nigel Rojas)
Artists: DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts
Release Date: Sept 23, 2022
Genre: Soca / World
Label: Battalion Music / Damascus Media / Cheah Meng Sound

Artwork: Ayrïd Chandler

Lyric Video: Move With Time @move_with_time

Writers/Composers: Muhammad Muwakil, Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson & Ryan ‘Dj Private Ryan’ Alexander
Producer: Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson and Ryan ‘Dj Private Ryan’ Alexander
Recording Engineer: Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson
Mixing Engineer: Keron ‘Scratchmaster’ Hector
Mastering Engineer: Keron ‘Scratchmaster’ Hector
Nylon String Acoustic Guitar: Nigel Rojas & Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson
Performers: Muhammad Muwakil and Patrice Roberts

Fyah Roiall – 9 – Frankie Music

Fyah Roiall - 9 - Frankie Music

Fyah Roiall’s second studio album, “9”, produced by Frankie Music, is about the space between the finality of one cycle and another one’s possible beginning. Released exactly two years after his first album, the world ‘9’ was created in, feels and looks entirely different than the one Roiall knew before. ‘9’ is about navigating an unpredictable world in limbo (Jeffrey Dahmer); and how being someone that feels their emotions extremely (Anxiety) nor has a safety net to fall into (Aristocrat) can find pain in achieving greatness. Where the fruits of love (La La) and success (Mood) bring more joy but equally more responsibility. Only by stripping down one’s own humility (Naked) & resisting the ever present temptation to rest on one’s laurels (Tease) can greatness be maintained (All the above). And by realizing that unpredictableness is omnipresent, the simpler times (1999) feel like good memories and every step thereafter was worth it.

Stream here:

Listen full album:



Jeffrey Dahmer


Anxiety (Raw)


Aristocrat (Raw)


Lala (Raw)




Naked (Raw)


Tease (Raw)


All the Above (Raw)



Casely x System32 – Light It Up

Casely x System32 - Light It Up

(Miami, FL) “Light It Up,” Casely’s latest single is set to release May 27th and distributed by Tuff Gong International. it’s going to set the tone for this summer. The Miami-born artist is continuing to explore his Caribbean and Latin roots through his music, and the fusions continue to rock dance floors and platforms across the country.

“I’m really excited to release this record because it continues the journey bringing my audience deeper into my roots and getting a better understanding of who I am as an artist… I wrote this song right before we went into lockdown and the tribal elements in the music always gave me a vision of a people breaking free from their limits mentally. This is a song that I want people to feel both relief and release.”

After many successful collaborations with the likes of Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Red Rat, Casely is finding his own sound more and more, and taking his audience through a musical journey. While this song in particular is meant to be played loud, be danced and whined to, it’s packed with thoughtful lyrics about how we relate to music and how it can influence us positively.

This is but the beginning for Casely. He’s on a path to continue to release music that’ll make you move to the beat of the drum(s), while keeping your ear tuned to the depth and intricacy of his lyrics and style. “Light It Up” will be on all digital platforms on May 27th, be sure to keep an eye out for this and every single released in the coming season.

Richie Loop & Joli Rouge Sound – Waka

Richie Loop & Joli Rouge Sound - Waka

Artists : Richie Loop, Joli Rouge Sound

Title : Waka

Isrc : FR-8W0-22-00001

Produced and mixed by Dj Blue from Joli Rouge Sound for FWI MUSIC
Mastering : Emax Mastering
Cover : Sidney Kwanone

Machel Montano x Viking Ding Dong – Bad Chargie

Viking Ding Dong x Machel Montano - Bad Chargie

Song Title – Bad Chargie
Artist – Viking Ding Dong x Machel Montano
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by – System32
Writers – Mical Teja, Kris Fields, Andre Houlder & Machel Montano
Genre: Soca 2022
Label: Monk Music

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