DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts (feat Nigel Rojas) – World on Fire

DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts (feat Nigel Rojas) - World on Fire

DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts (feat Nigel Rojas) – World on Fire

This story of love speaks directly to an addictive allure that calls the listener to Soca, beckoning them to fall in love with a joyous expression of self that generates movement, happiness and laughter. This is the infectious music that infuses one’s soul: it is called Soca and when it connects to the hearts of those who love its rhythm, it sets the ‘World on Fire’.
Track: World on Fire (feat Nigel Rojas)
Artists: DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective, Patrice Roberts
Release Date: Sept 23, 2022
Genre: Soca / World
Label: Battalion Music / Damascus Media / Cheah Meng Sound

Artwork: Ayrïd Chandler

Lyric Video: Move With Time @move_with_time

Writers/Composers: Muhammad Muwakil, Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson & Ryan ‘Dj Private Ryan’ Alexander
Producer: Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson and Ryan ‘Dj Private Ryan’ Alexander
Recording Engineer: Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson
Mixing Engineer: Keron ‘Scratchmaster’ Hector
Mastering Engineer: Keron ‘Scratchmaster’ Hector
Nylon String Acoustic Guitar: Nigel Rojas & Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson
Performers: Muhammad Muwakil and Patrice Roberts

DJ Rusty G – Soca Madness 2022 (Soca Mix)

DJ Rusty G - Soca Madness 2022 (Soca Mix)

DJ Rusty G – Soca Madness 2022 (Soca Mix)

1. Out & Bad – Voice
2. Mash Up – Blaxx
3. Full Stop – RTwoG2 x Fire Wayne
4. Ring Ding – King Bubba
5. Action Pack – Stiffy
6. Soca Start – DJ Cheem & IQ
7. Wuk Up N Wine – Lil Bits
8. Wuk it Up – Shireen B & Stiffy
9. Facts – Scrilla
10. Bed – Mole De Cheif x Brucelee Almightee x Dj Cheem
11. All Eyes On You – Travis World x Skinny Fabulous
12. Mind My Business – Travis World x Patrice Roberts
13. Happy Papi – Travis World x Machel Montano
14. Free Again – DJ Private Ryan x Preedy
15. Calling – DJ Private Ryan x Turner
16. The Box – DJ Private Ryan x Sekon Sta
17. Can you Feel it – DJ Private Ryan x Terri Lyons
18. I Like It – DJ Private Ryan x GBM Nutron
19. Find A Way – DJ Private Ryan x Lyrikal
20. Toast – DJ Private Ryan x Sekon Sta
21. Boatride Anthem – DJ Private Ryan x Viking Ding Dong
22. Bam Bam – DJ Private Ryan x Sekon Sta x Salty
23. Take Bamboo – Melick & Boogy Rankss
24. Come Down From Dey – Trinidad Killa
25. Sucka Bag – Taller Dan x Boogy Rankss
26. Too Much (Refix) – Marzville x Klassik Frescobar
27. Dutty – DJ Cheem x Boogy Rankss
28. Mauby – Brucelee Almightee
29. Less Noise – Mole De Chief
30. Change Position – Walkes
31. Drill It – Walkes & Freshie
32. Gold Cup (Giddy Up) – Red Royale
33. Bashment Start – DJ Cheem & Lil Rick
34. Baddest – Tian Winter
35. Gal Roll It – Dev
36. Bad Up – Jadel
37. Backazz – K Lee
38. Look Back – Lyrikal
39. Hot Gyal SZN – Adam O
40. Rollin – Nadia Batson
41. Drink to That – Lyrikal
42. Stress Bout Dat – Adam O
43. New Gyal – Skinny Fabulous
44. Something Special – Fay Ann Lyons
45. Up in D Party – Jadel
46. When Ah Drunk – Mic Love
47. Bring It – Faith Callender
48. Finally – V’ghn
49. Bad Chargie – Viking Dong Dong x Machel Montano
50. Brass – Preedy x Blaxx
51. Touch the Ground – Machel Montano x Marge Blackman x DJ Private Ryan
52. Happy Music – Ricardo Drue
53. Wah Deh – Magikal
54. Lose Weight – Sackie & System32
55. High – Jab King
56. Draggggg the Chain – Terra D Govenor
57. Dotish – Mr. Legz
58. No Chupidness – Problem Child
59. Ova Dey – Machel Montano
60. Tornado – Marvelus x Ricardo Drue
61. Do Road New Road – Marvelus x Lil Natty & Thunda
62. Born to Mash Up – Marvelus x Patrice Roberts
63. Stupidness – Marvelus x Skinny Fabulous
64. Danger – Skinny Fabulous x Problem Child
65. Place Open – Bunji Garlin
66. Jab Doh Miss – Fay Ann Lyons
67. Program Me – Tallpree
68. Fallin’ Rain – Lyrikal
69. In The Water – Suhrawh & Chow Minister
70. Work That Pussy Muscle – Suckie
71. Riddim in Your Blood (Bam Bam) – Triple Kay International & Litle Boy
72. Rel (Real) Mash Up – Lavaman, Mr. Killa & Donnell
73. Staff – Mad King
74. Pon di Grung – Jace & Caspa G
75. Place Tun Ova – Grabba Finesse
76. Jab Religion – Mr. Killa
77. Damage – Lyrikal
78. Maddest Crew – Machel Montano
79. Garn – Skinny Fabulous
80. New Sense – Terra D Governor
81. Mad Jam – Problem
82. Ou Dou – Edwin X Shemmy J
83. Sneaky Link – Bobo Ft Effo & Samo
84. Are You Dumb – Dhirv2Funny
85. Foreign Man – Messi
86. Bad Like That – Dhirv
87. Done – Ricky T
88. Boom Bang – Geo Geo
89. Liki Tiki – Kes, J Perry & Michael Brun
90. Jolene – Kes x Dwala
91. Dingolay – Mical Teja & Nailah Blackman
92. Tilt – Kernal Roberts
93. Runnin’ Red – Baron & Azaryah
94. Sunshine & Wine – Zan
95. Sweetest Feeling – Nadia Batson
96. Soca Forever – Lyrikal
97. Lavi Dous (Life Sweet) – Teddyson John
98. Anytime – Tarique O’Neal
99. Do We Ting – Lord Nelson & Kes
100. Dancing Partner – Dj Private Ryan x GBM Nutron Feat. Imani Ray
101. Leave it Alone (Remix) – Ding Dong x Ravi B
102. Tricks (Wrong Woman) – Patrice Roberts
103. No Time For That – Problem Child
104. Zess – Zoelah
105. Bumpin’ – Mr. Fotogenik x RTwoG2
106. Mash Up – Erphaan Alves & Shal Marshall
107. Location – Gratefull Co & Green Shanti Productions
108. Jelly – Nadia Batson

DJ Private Ryan & Nessa Preppy – Nasty Flow

DJ Private Ryan & Nessa Preppy - Nasty Flow

Title: Nasty Flow
Release Date: 06/03/2022

Genre: Soca 2022

Label: Battalion Music

DJ Private Ryan & Nessa Preppy – Nasty Flow

Song Name: Nasty Flow

Artist: DJ Private Ryan & Nessa Preppy

Produced by: DJ Private Ryan of BATTALION Music

Additional Engineering by: Sheriff Mumbles

Mixed and Mastered by: ScratchMaster

Machel Montano, Marge Blackman & DJ Private Ryan – Touch The Ground (#SaveSoil)

Machel Montano, Marge Blackman & DJ Private Ryan - Touch The Ground (#SaveSoil)

On Tuesday, March 1 (Carnival Tuesday), soca superstar Machel Montano performed at the biggest event of his career, the MahaShivRatri celebrations at the Isha Yoga Center in India. MahaShivRatri is one of the largest and most sacred festivals in India, and the gathering at Isha Yoga Center attracted more than 120 million people, in person and online in 2021.

For Montano, this was not just another stage appearance, as it is deeply connected to his own spiritual journey, upon which he has embarked with his wife, Renee, and his manager, Che Kothari.

In fact, for the past seven months, Montano has been in India participating in a yoga programme (Sadhanapada) at the Isha Yoga Center, under the tutelage of Sadhguru, Yogi, mystic, and one of the most influential visionaries of our time. At MahaShivRatri, Sadhguru leads the nightlong festival of meditation, music and dance.

Montano, alongside Marge Blackman, performed new music from his label MONK music, a collaboration between the two and DJ Private Ryan titled “Touch The Ground” which is featured on the forthcoming Save Soil Riddim.

Watch the replay of the performance below:

“It is one of the most profound moments of my life, to be performing at this festival. After 40 years in the music industry, I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for this opportunity and for what it represents on a global level,” Montano said when asked about the performance.

He was referring, as well, to partnering on the Conscious Planet Save Soil movement, which is led by Sadhguru, to raise global awareness and encourage government policy action to revitalize soil. “Touch the Ground” is a call to action for Caribbean people and the world to find ways to protect the world’s soil from further degradation.

In addition to this global performance at MahaShivRratri, on March 5 Montano will collaborate with the students of the Isha Home School in a musical performance to raise awareness of the Save Soil movement.

Later, in mid-March, Montano will join Sadhguru on a visit to the Caribbean including visits to Antigua & Barbuda, Guyana and Belize where they will meet with government leaders from across the region to discuss and collaborate on the Save Soil movement. The visits will form part of a global tour led by Sadhguru to launch Save Soil.

“Machel’s upcoming MahaShivRatri performance and support for the Save Soil movement are much appreciated. We look forward to visiting the Caribbean region together and are thankful for the overwhelming support we have already received from the region.”

– Sadhguru

About Machel Montano

Hailing from the Caribbean twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies, Machel Montano, known as the King of Soca is celebrating 40 years of sharing his music with the world! Soca, also known as the Soul of Calypso or the Sound of the Caribbean, is a genre developed in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1970s, which has influences of both African and Indian rhythms. Machel has collaborated and shared stages with Global music icons like Ariana Grande, Pitbull, Drake, Rihanna, Major Lazer, Shaggy, Sean Paul, DJ Khaled, Ashanti, and many more.

The spiritual journey of this Soca King brings us to his MahaSshivRratri performance on March 1st, 2022. This is Machel’s debut in India and the culmination of his 7 months as a participant in Isha’s Sadhanapada program.

About MahaShivRatri

MahaShivRatri celebrates the Grace of Shiva who is considered the Adi Guru or the First Guru from whom the Yogic tradition originates. It is a night of immense spiritual significance, celebrated as an exuberant nightlong festival at the Isha Yoga Center, with explosive meditations and spectacular musical performances by renowned artists, drawing a few million people.

About Sadhguru

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and visionary. Named one of India’s 50 most influential people, and recipient of 3 presidential awards, Sadhguru has touched the lives of millions worldwide through his transformational programs. An internationally renowned speaker and bestselling author, Sadhguru has been an influential voice at major global forums addressing issues as diverse as socioeconomic development, leadership, and spirituality.

About Save Soil

Save Soil is a global movement to address the soil crisis, bringing together people from around the world to stand up for Soil Health, and supporting leaders of all nations to institute national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content in cultivable Soil. Soil degradation and desertification are factors in many of humanity’s biggest challenges including climate change, food security, biodiversity loss, loss of ecosystem services, threats to sustainable livelihoods, migration, and conflict.

About Isha Home School

Founded in 2005 by Sadhguru and located in Tamil Nadu, India, the Isha Home School strives to incorporate the yogi’s educational approach into its day-to-day teaching process. The school combines the best aspects of “home” and “school” to provide a nourishing space for learning. Students learn from their teachers as well as each other, through a dynamic curriculum, and are free from the pressures of examinations.

Dj Private Ryan & Battalion music present the Pretty Dolly Riddim

Dj Private Ryan & Battalion music present the Pretty Dolly Riddim

Dj Private Ryan & Battalion music present the Pretty Dolly Riddim

Artists: DJ Private Ryan, Preedy, Sekon Sta, Melly Rose, Turner

Release Date: Feb 18, 2022

Genre: Soca 2022

Label: Battalion Music

Free Again – Preedy
Produced by Dj Private Ryan

Written – Akeem “Preedy” Chance

The Box – Sekon Sta
Produced by Dj Private Ryan

Written by Nesta “Sekon Sta” Boxill

Wine Up Yuh Waist (Till it Bun) – Melly Rose
Produced by Dj Private Ryan

Written by Advokit

Backgrounds – Mela Caribe

Calling – Turner
Written by Turner

Produced by Dj Private Ryan

Backgrounds – Trinibaby

Label and Marketing Services by: Tríbe Caríbe

Dj Private Ryan x Preedy – Free Again


Dj Private Ryan x Preedy – Free Again | Pretty Dolly Riddim | BATTALION Music | Soca 2022

Dj Private Ryan & Preedy team up again for another hit song entitled “Free Again”. The song is a happy, hopeful and upbeat story that encourages us to forget our worries and live every moment as if it was our last. This song is taken off of the upcoming Pretty Dolly Riddim.

Dj Private Ryan and Terri Lyons – Can You Feel It

Dj Private Ryan and Terri Lyons - Can You Feel It

Artist: Dj Private Ryan & Terri Lyons
Title: Can You Feel It
Genre: Soca 2022
Release Date: 12/3/21

Dj Private Ryan and Terri Lyons team up for the second time to present a smooth soca single off of the upcoming “World on Fire” album

“Can you feel it” tells the story of music and how it can positively affect us through escapism.

Terri Lyons melodic, sweet and soulful vocals flow on this groovy midtempo rendition, and also features vocals from Dj Private Ryan himself.

Yet another BATTALION Music production presented by Dj Private Ryan.

Can you feel it?

Dj Private Ryan presents Beauty and the Beast Project

Dj Private Ryan presents Beauty and the Beast Project

Release Date: 11/17/2021
Artists: Various Artists
Title: Beauty and the Beast Project
Genre: Soca 2022
Label: Battalion Music


Dj Private Ryan x Sekon Sta -Toast
Dj Private Ryan x Sekon Sta – Toast (Dj Private Ryan Iron Intro)
Dj Private Ryan x GBM Nutron – I Like It
DJ Private Ryan x Lyrikal – Find A Way
Dj Private Ryan x Viking Ding Dong – Boatride Anthem
Dj Private Ryan x Sekon Sta & Salty – BAM BAM
Dj Private Ryan x Sekon Sta – Toast (Instrumental)
Dj Private Ryan x GBM Nutron – I Like It (Instrumental)
Dj Private Ryan x Sekon Sta & Salty – BAM BAM (Instrumental)

Dj Private Ryan returns with yet another riddim project entitled “The Beauty and the Beast” . Sonically both projects build on similar drum patterns but are layered in two completely different ways.

Beauty gives you 3 songs built on happiness and euphoria told through three different lenses, “Toast” is a celebration of life, “I Like It” is the happiness derived from a dance with a lady, and “Find A Way” explains our yearning desire to party with each other again.

Beast however has more aggressive and in-your face elements such as its pulsating bassline sure to “rock a boat” with the Boatride Anthem, and on the second track a call for all ladies with good “BAM BAM” movement.

Enjoy yet another BATTALION Music project

DJ Private Ryan x GBM Nutron – Dancing Partner (feat Imani Ray)

Dancing Partner (feat Imani Ray) - DJ Private Ryan & GBM Nutron

Dj Private Ryan presents the first single off his first album “World on Fire” under his BATTALION Music production outfit.

This track “Dancing Partner” features GBMNutron alongside Imani Ray as they deliver a smooth and sensual Soca fusion track sure to get you singing and grooving to its pulsating grooves.

Look out for more from Dj Private Ryan and BATTALION Music as he progresses in his mission to take Soca and Caribbean music to the world.

DJ Rusty G – Soca Madness 2021

DJ Rusty G - Soca Madness 2021

1. Happy Place – Lyrikal
2. Better Days – Patrice Roberts
3. On De Inside – Jaiga TC
4. Backyard Jam – Farmer Nappy
5. All Day – Shal Marshall
6. Hornin’ First – Viking Ding Dong
7. Can You Feel It – Kerwin Du Bois & Shenseea
8. Flavor – Motto
9. 10 Outta 10 – Machel Montano
10. Hold Me – Charly Black
11. People Business – Teddyson John & Skinny Fabulous
12. Uber Everywhere – Motto
13. Overall – Lyrikal
14. Thief Piece – Problem Child
15. Dubai – Sekon Sta & DJ Private Ryan
16. So Sweet – Erphaan Alves & DJ Private Ryan
17. It Don’t Matter – Hey Choppi & DJ Private Ryan
18. Stress Reliever – Kerwin Du Bois & Destra Garcia
19. Soda – Konshens
20. Start Up – Patrice Roberts & Kemar Highcon
21. Soca Love – Kerwin Du Bois
22. Pain – Sekon Sta & DJ Private Ryan
23. High Life – Machel Montano
24. You Alone – Zoelah
25. Life is a Beach – Problem Child
26. Keep Jammin’ On – Kes the Band & DJ Private Ryan
27. Keep Talking – Turner & DJ Private Ryan
28. Live Yuh Life – College Boy Jesse & DJ Private Ryan
29. Back to Love – Teddyson John
30. I Love You More – Patrice Roberts
31. Love Hurts – Preedy
32. Always Ready – Problem Child
33. Counting My Blessings – Nadia Batson
34. Magical – Lyrikal
35. Wine Pon Live – Preedy
36. Worry Less – College Boy Jesse
37. One Dance – Aisha Noel
38. Dancing Away – Voice
39. Go Away – Aaron Duncan
40. Fete Cyah Over – Lyrikal
41. Whole Night – Motto
42. Yeah – Marzville
43. Doing It – College Boy Jesse
44. Happy People College Boy Jesse
45. Mama Cougar – Sekon Sta
46. Good Talk – Jaiga
47. No Rompin’ (I Like It) – Popeye Caution & King Bubba
48. Coffee – Nailah Blackman
49. Heart Clean – Erphaan Alves
50. Tender – Patrice Roberts
51. Trouble Wine – Nailah Blackman
52. Angel – Olatunji
53. Camera – Patrice Roberts & Afro B
54. See Dem – Kerwin Du Bois & Teddyson John
55. With My Head – Erphaan Alves
56. Baddest Gyal – Sekon Sta
57. Dutty Waist – Preedy
58. Double Team – Nessa Preppy
59. Wild & Freaky – Jagwa De Champ Ft. Supa Nytro
60. She Nuh Done Yet – Klassik Frescobar
61. Too Much – Klassik Frescobar & Marzville
62. Steamy – Jadakins
63. Round & Round – Tech Sounds
64. Adjust – Marzville
65. Hot & Steamy – Boidingo
66. Whine Pon Top – Vanni & Chezzy
67. Double Palm – Shade Mischif
68. Brawling – Father Philis
69. Active – Jagwa De Champ
70. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Ba Ba Ben) – Dj Cheem
71. Get Low – Lil Rick
72. Pressure – King Bubba
73. Oh My Gosh – Problem Child
74. China – Blackboy x Lu City
75. Don’t Stop – Olatunji & System 32
76. 1 Fam – Farmer Nappy, Machel Montano & Don Iko
77. Who God Bless – Blaxx & Don Iko
78. Kitty Cat – Problem Child
79. Applause – Shal Marshall
80. Too Damn Wicked – Skinny Fabulous
81. Hard on Me – Patrice Roberts
82. Piece of Mind – Voice
83. Pumpin’ – Peter Ram
84. Riddim & Bass – Preedy
85. Ride or Die – Wildfire
86. I Need – Adam O
87. Toxic Love – Ricardo Drue x Patrice Roberts
88. Steamy – Lyrikal
89. First Fete – Nadia Batson
90. Making Me Own – Skinny Fabulous
91. Warming Up – Adam O & AkaiiUSweet
92. Sugar Daddy – Nadia Batson
93. Long Time (Refix) – Machel Montano
94. Come Nuh – HypaSounds
95. HYMC – Xone & King Bubba
96. Cyah Take It – Wetty Beatz
97. Earthquake – Viking Ding Dong
98. Drunk’n Style – Problem Child
99. Gyal Wine – Nailah Blackman
100. Bad Badd – Mole De Chief & Brucelee Almigthee
101. Feeling Wotless Now – HypaSounds
102. Dog Bite – King Bubba
103. Girls Gone Wild – Shal Marshall
104. Outside Again – Fadda Fox
105. Fuh Days – Lyrikal x Nadia Batson
106. Macopolaritis – Mr. Killa
107. Ring Tinga Ling – Pumpa
108. Blinkin Bad – Skinny Fabulous
109. Fork – Mic Love
110. Weak – Ricardo Drue
111. Full Stop – RtwoG2 Ft. Fire Wayne
112. Zess In De J’ouvert – Tech Sounds
113. Play (Your Body) – WildFire x Sizwe C x CoolBlaze x Skorch Bun It
114. No Worries – Swappi x CoolBlaze x Skorch Bun It
115. Summer Body – College Boy Jesse x CoolBlaze x Skorch Bun It
116. Jogo – Ricardo Drue x CoolBlaze x Skorch Bun It
117. One of a Kind – Machel Montano & Voice
118. Straight 10 – GBM Nutron x Lyrikal
119. Body Banging – Nadia Batson x Travis World
120. Sidung – Sekon Sta x Travis World
121. Bam Bam – Adam O x Travis World
122. Personally – Lyrikal
123. Shine – Freetown Collective
124. Iz We – Kes the Band
125. Homesick – Ricardo Drue
126. Essential Feter – Kerwin Du Bois
127. Woman – Voice
128. By Any Means (Rusty G Dubplate) – Voice
129. One Wish – Iwer George x Travis World
130. Rango – Bunji Garlin
131. Mad People Party – Motto x Problem Child
132. Meta Fabulay – Fay Ann Lyons
133. Backway – Zamoni
134. Backerz – Boyzie
135. Hello – Wetty Beatz x Jab King
136. Massacre – Triniboi Joocie x Luni Spark & Electrify
137. Super Saiyan – Lavaman
138. Big Woman – Skinny Fabulous
139. Certain Tings – Shal Marshall
140. Good Energy – Lyrikal
141. Doh Laugh – Nadia Batson
142. For Corona – Problem Child
143. All House is Road – Bunji Garlin
144. Sleepwalk – Fay Ann Lyons
145. Looney Toon – Terra D Governor
146. Fettin Crazy – Tallpree
147. De Saltfish – Problem Child
148. Bend – Viking Ding Dong
149. Crocodile – Problem Child
150. Runaway – Viking Ding Dong
151. Ah Doh Have – Temptress x Deno Outta Range Mason
152. 1Q 2Q – Motto x DJ Fire Strypz
153. Chokay (Jook it) – Blackboy
154. Pass Me Straight – Ezra
155. Allez (Let’s Go) – Problem Child
156. John Wick – Skinny Fabulous
157. Do it (Bad Like We) – Lyrikal
158. Destruction – Lavaman x King Bubba
159. Flip It – Nadia Batson
160. Inches – Skinny Fabulous
161. Rum Love – Wetty Beatz & Smash
162. 2U – Machel Montano
163. Apology – Skinny Fabulous
164. No F’s to Give – V’ghn
165. Down Dey – GBM Nutron
166. Breakaway – Ponaflex
167. Story – Preedy
168. Living Legend – V’ghn
169. All Blessed – Lyrikal
170. Bless Body – Erphaan Alves x Dj Private Ryan
171. One Jam – Lyrikal x Dj Private Ryan
172. Dangerous Love – Sekon Sta x Mela Caribe x DJ Private Ryan
173. Horn Back – Nessa Preppy x DJ Private Ryan
174. Gud Gud – Hey Choppi Ft. Machel Montano

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