Fyah Roiall – 9 – Frankie Music

Fyah Roiall - 9 - Frankie Music

Fyah Roiall’s second studio album, “9”, produced by Frankie Music, is about the space between the finality of one cycle and another one’s possible beginning. Released exactly two years after his first album, the world ‘9’ was created in, feels and looks entirely different than the one Roiall knew before. ‘9’ is about navigating an unpredictable world in limbo (Jeffrey Dahmer); and how being someone that feels their emotions extremely (Anxiety) nor has a safety net to fall into (Aristocrat) can find pain in achieving greatness. Where the fruits of love (La La) and success (Mood) bring more joy but equally more responsibility. Only by stripping down one’s own humility (Naked) & resisting the ever present temptation to rest on one’s laurels (Tease) can greatness be maintained (All the above). And by realizing that unpredictableness is omnipresent, the simpler times (1999) feel like good memories and every step thereafter was worth it.

Stream here: https://smarturl.it/FyahRoiall9

Listen full album: https://promo.theorchard.com/tKqUJLXOeYDVc6utfvk3



Jeffrey Dahmer


Anxiety (Raw)


Aristocrat (Raw)


Lala (Raw)




Naked (Raw)


Tease (Raw)


All the Above (Raw)



Qraig Voicemail & Astyle Alive – Listen To Me

Qraig Voicemail & Astyle Alive - Listen To Me

He’s a name that’s synonymous with dancehall and reggae for close to two decades strong. As a third of the hit group Voicemail, Qraig has sung, danced and DJ’d his musical message into the hearts and homes of many. On the cusp of his next album release, a solo effort, he only asks this time that you Listen To Me.

From quintet to solo star, Qraig, born Jerome Jackson, has seen it all; every downturn, uptick, success and heartbreak. These lessons and more are the bedrock of his upcoming studio album, due out June 24.

Produced by renowned entrepreneur/record producer Astyle Alive, the 12-track album will showcase Qraig’s versatility, growth and vision.

Laced with modern sounds for today’s fanbase, Listen… also has a throwback groove for the old-school fans; the pair carefully crafted this album for a global audience.

Listen To Me is now available for immediate pre-order via the ITunes Store & Amazon with pre-save availabilty with other digital distribution outlets. An official release across all DSP’s is set for June 24.

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