Gibrilville – Manifest featuring Kwamiena

Gibrilville - Manifest featuring Kwamiena

Following the release of his single ‘Can of Soda’ and receiving the Akademia Award for 2022 Outstanding Legacy, hip-hop and afrobeat artist Gibrilville is back with a bang. ‘Manifest’ featuring Kwamiena, is the upcoming single, ahead of Gibrilville’s album ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect.’ The feel-good track was made in collaboration with producer DJ Pain.

Originally working together in 2014, when Gibrilville made music under his alter ego screwface917, DJ Pain and Gibrilville reunited to create ‘Manifest,’ a song that’s sure to catapult Gibrilville into the spotlight. ‘Manifest’ addresses the overall concept of the album, aligning with Gibrilville’s own life journey. “I wanted to develop the concept of the album ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect’ and the title felt powerful enough to be a whole song. So I reached out to DJ Pain and asked for some new production. As soon as I heard the beat, I knew I found my title track.”

Fusing together atmospheric R&B with soulful electronics, ‘Manifest’ opens with a harmonious piano, as Gibrilville invites his listeners in; ‘I’d like to welcome y’all’. Descending strings transcend into the euphoric drum beat, while heartfelt backing vocals accompany Gibrilville’s effortless flow. Sprinkled with ethereal synthesizers, and dropping into occasional Lo-Fi segments, ‘Manifest’ perfectly blends the electronic world with raw, acoustic instrumentation to make the track feel alive. Gibrilville uses his skills as a lyricist, alongside clever wordplay to tell a story, ‘watch good things manifest in peace, love and respect.’ The result is an uplifting soundscape that strengthens the title of manifestation. It feels powerful and exhilarating – as if it’s manifesting bigger things.

Taking lyrical references from DMX’s album title from 1998, and being inspired by his interviews, Gibrilville’s wordplay in the third verse displays his connection to DMX, who passed away shortly after Gibrilville finished writing the record. “One of my biggest musical influences in hiphop is DMX” says Gibrilville, “and this record felt complete by paying respect to him.” Rising artist Kwamiena also features on the track, after Gibrilville saw Kwamiena perform ‘Purple Rain’ on stage one night. Blown away by his performance, Gibrilville invited him to be a part of the track, where they recorded together at a studio in East Legon.

For Gibrilville, music comes from the heart and he takes his own life experiences and crafts them into music that listeners can connect with. His career has been vibrant, opening shows for Guns N Roses, supporting Adrenalin Mob, and recording with and playing for Dead Prez. While an EP release is scheduled for summer 2022, ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect,’ will arrive later in the year.

‘Good Things Manifest & Bad Things Defect’ is scheduled for release in late 2022, and will be released on Gibrilville’s own music production company, Foreign Exchange Records, a label he has created to push hip-hop and afro beats globally.

Gibrilville – Can of Soda

Gibrilville - Can of Soda

Gibrilville releases new single ‘Can of Soda’

Hot off the back of his Akademia Award, hip-hop and afro beat artist Gibrilville released his latest single ‘Can of Soda’ on June 22nd. Awarded the 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award on June 4th in California, the award acknowledged Gibrilville’s contribution to creating a musical legacy deemed timeless and important for future generations. Following the success of this, Gibrilville will be releasing ‘Can of Soda,’ a collaborative single from his upcoming album ‘GTMBTD.’

With half a million Spotify streams already under his belt from the release of his single ‘Dididaada,’ ‘Can of Soda’ follows the release of ‘Angels’, which addressed his struggles while in prison. ‘Can of Soda’ is filled with heartbreak and pain, a part of Gibrilville’s journey that is still as important as the happy moments. He explains, “I went into prison with a lot of pain. My ex and I had just lost a child due to complications. We really wanted the baby. I handled it badly, and I became unfaithful.” He met Jessica and fell in love immediately, touching upon their love story in the single. “Emotionally ‘Can of soda’ is heavy and is the perfect follow up to ‘Angels’ as my life story unfolds through my new album, ‘GTMBTD’,” Gibrilville explains.

While the subject matter weighs heavy, the vibe of the track is light, exploring summer vibes, which appropriately coincides with the summer release date. Using contemporary production of rhythmic afrobeats and effective synth parts, the true storytelling is actually in Gibrilville’s dynamic delivery.

Unraveling the story of his time in prison, the clarity of Gibrilville’s voice shines through, each word loud and clear, refusing to shy away from his troubled past. Instead, he embraces his journey, recognizing what has happened and allowing himself to move forward through music. Lyrically ‘I’m locked up on the judge’s order’ and ‘before my visiting hours are over, let me get a can of coca cola’ sheds a light on his time in prison, while ‘we had a connection’ touches on his romantic relationship with Jessica. Gibrilville’s honesty and openness invites listeners into his personal story, making it a relatable listen.

‘Can of Soda’ was produced in collaboration with KaySo, a producer from Ghana, Gibrilville’s birthplace. KaySo immediately connected with Gibrilville, understanding the direction of the song and the craft of Gibriville’s captivating storytelling.

‘Can of Soda’ was released through Foreign Exchange Records, a music production company founded by Gibrilville, as part of his mission to push hip-hop and afro beats music globally.


Artist – Gibrilville

Song – Can of soda

Album – GTMBTD

DJ Pack Contains: Main, Instrumental & Acapella

Gibrilville – Dididaada feat Wanlov the Kubolor

Gibrilville - Dididaada feat Wanlov the Kubolor

Song title – Dididaada Feat Wanlov the kubolor
Artist – Gibrilville
Producer – Jaysynths

Ghanaian-born Nigerian music star, Gibril Adedayo Hassan Mansaray, known by his stage name Gibrilville, has released the much-anticipated video for his hit song titled ‘Dididaada’, a complementary visual for the afrobeat track.The vitality and diversity of the music is captured in the ‘Dididaada’ music video

Gibrilville is one of the frontier artists pushing Afrobeats sounds globally. With the artwork for the music video featured on Billboards in the USA and Ghana, the singer aspires to make a great impact with the song ‘Dididaada’.

Already accumulating over 336,000 streams on Spotify alone, ‘Dididaada’ was written in collaboration with fellow Ghanian – Romanian musician Wanlov the Kubolor. The song is produced by Nigerian producer Jaysynth.

Paying homage to his Ghanaian roots, the singer chants ‘Ghana Dididaada’ translating from the Asante language to ‘Ghana shall eat forever.’ This metaphor is showcased in the song through an array of languages and lyrics in Twi, English, French and Pidgin.

The opening shots are filmed from the perspective of a camcorder, the red light flashing as it records Gibrilville entering a secret code into the wall. The wall slides open, revealing a bright world for Gibrilville to enjoy.

With a dazzling pink backdrop, acoustic guitars hung on the bamboo wall, luscious green vegetation placed around the room, Gibrilville is poised on a seat in the middle, surrounded by beautiful women who sensually dance around him, flirtatious and alluring.

Colorful clothing and bright backdrops offer a rainbow for the camera, an enticing reflection of the energetic music, while the seductive silhouettes of the women continue to entrance.

Transitioning between orange and pink backgrounds, there is a playfulness to the visuals, especially when the scene changes and the use of mirrors and fluorescent light adds new flavors.

The women, now dressed in bright suits and bow ties, dance around Gibrilville, inviting viewers to join the flamboyant party. With a tumultuous past far behind him, ‘Dididaada’ feels like a celebration of Gibrilville’s life, free from the restraints of hardship and challenges. Now only a euphoric future lies ahead, and perhaps ‘Dididaada’ is the song to commence the next chapter of Gibrilville’s life

Directed by Nigerian music director Kamhabit, the music video for ‘Dididaada’ is a vibrant and seductive composition, shot in lagos, Nigeria

Gibrilville – Kilodey – Foreign Exchange Records

Gibrilville - Kilodey - Foreign Exchange Records

Ghanaian Afrobeats artist Gibrilville presents the Kamhabit-directed music video for his new single “Kilodey”, produced by Nigerian beatsmith Jay Synth, who produced Teni’s 2018 hit “Case”. Born in Accra, Ghana, Gibril a.k.a. Gibril Da African survived a traumatic birth, a near-fatal blood transfusion and civil wars in Togo and Nigeria before moving to the US in 2000, honing his craft during travels throughout the country before settling in Brooklyn. Gibril has collaborated with M1 of deadprez (stream “Streets Of Africa”), Blitz The Ambassador (stream “Ghetto Youths”), and has several releases under his belt including 2015’s Foreign Exchange Hustler (watch the music video). “‘Kilodey is a Yoruba word from Nigeria that means ‘why,'” Gibril says about his new single. “The song is a love story about a guy trying to date a girl, and she is playing hard to get.” “Kilodey” will appear on Good Things Manifest & Bad Things Defect, Gibril’s forthcoming album featuring appearances from Wanlov, Tek and Kwaw Kese, coming soon on Foreign Exchange Records.

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