Little Hero – The Journey Continues

Little Hero - The Journey Continues

Little Hero Releases New Album, ‘The Journey Continue’

‘The Journey Continue’ project is a game-changer.  The album boasts twelve (12) tracks, is an eclectic mix of reggae and dancehall tracks showcasing Little Hero’s versatility. Highlights from the album include inspirational tracks such as “Ready Again” and “World Right Now.” Faith-based renditions such as “Don’t Ever Give Up,” “God is Amazing,” and “Thank God for Another Day” add soul and upliftment to the avid listener. The album wouldn’t be complete without a stylish inclusion of relatable Dancehall and love songs for the ladies, which showcase the album’s flexibility. Tracks such as “Heart of Kingston,” “Straight from my Heart,” and “Do the Right Thing,” solidify the exceptionality of Little Hero’s artistry on ‘The Journey Continue’.
Little Hero made it a family affair to include his sons – Jason “Don1” Gayle and Jemar “Jay 1” Gayle on this album and whom collaboratively delivered an excellent spell-bounding “Do the Right Thing” song rendition. Producer credited on this album include: (World Right Now) Sheldon Edwards/Pandemic Records (Always on My Mind) Conroy Smith and (Heart of Kingston) Donglez Records. All other tracks as listed on ‘The Journey Continue’ are written and produced by the artist, Little Hero and his brother, Pzed, of God Alone Studios.
‘The Journey Continue’, which is distributed by Tad’s Record, is a masterpiece that details the workmanship and outstanding skilled artistry that went into the overall productions.

Gary Walters – Ghetto Child

Gary Walters - Ghetto Child

This album titled Ghetto Child is an illustration of different lifestyles. If you’re a spiritual person and you’re into gospel, If you’ve been hurt by love. There’s a dedication to people who’ve been hurt by love. The song titled House Love is a song for healing all the violence and hatred that’s going on in the world today. Ghetto Child sends a message to all the young ladies who don’t want to take parental guidance. It’s a song to keep them out of trouble, it’s a warning. Gary Walters from Barbados has been in entertainment for many years. This new album is his latest work with all songs written and sung by Gary Walters.

Gary has shared the stage with the late Jackie Opel, The Dukes, Egbert Sayers, and his Fontains and Mike Wilkinson. By fifteen he had already appeared on the Vic Brewster talent show on CBC TV and through that one appearance he received many bookings at such popular nightspots of the time, like the Caribbean Pepper Pot and the South Winds Hotel. Gary currently has more albums to his credit including Caribbean Favorites and Gary Walters Sings His Originals.

Through It All by George Nooks – Tad’s Record

Through It All by George Nooks - Tad's Record

Through it All … If ever there was a time when such words were on point it is now. Through the challenges of the pandemic and other testing events our anchor in God has brought us through. George Nooks’ new album Through It All is a timely gem to musically quell our weary hearts and souls. Nooks is known for choosing some classic songs and presenting them in a manner that gives listeners a soothing feel and transcendent lyrics to rock and mediate on.

George Nooks has always enjoyed hearing joyful noises to the Lord. Since he was a boy going to the Mount Carmel Apostolic Church in his hometown of King Weston in rural Jamaica.

The singer, who has made a name belting out gospel songs like God is Standing By and Ride Out Your Storm, continues his inspirational journey with Through it All, his latest album which is being distributed by Tad’s Record Inc. It contains 13 songs including the title track as well as gospel standards such as Amazing Grace, I Surrender All and a spiritual interpretation of The Stylistics’ You Make Me Feel Brand New.

“From I was little I listened to some of these songs in church. My grandmother was the mother of the church and I used to be there with her all the time,” Nooks recalled.
Though his initial hit songs like Tribal War and Fortyleg Dread made him a dancehall star in the late 1970s, Nooks erupted in 2000 with God is Standing By, a foot-stomping reggae cover of a soul song originally done by Al Green in the early 1970’s.

Nooks has released a series of gospel hits since then. And even though he periodically dabbles in secular music, he says it is important to keep things clean.
“I don’t do derogatory songs. I never did any song I couldn’t go into the church and sing.”

Through it All is exclusively produced by George Nooks for Tad’s Record Inc. It is available worldwide

We have come to expect nothing less of George Nooks and yet again he has surpassed our expectations with this remarkable album.

This album is dedicated to all persons yearning for spiritual upliftment.

Written by: Howard Campbell & Stacy-Lee Thompson

Rick Fusion – Control EP and 2 singles: Like Solomon & Little Bit of Love

Rick Fusion - Control EP and 2 singles: Like Solomon & Little Bit of Love

For so many up and coming artists, it can be said that their entire life is dedicated to music, that “music is life.” But for the rising international reggae singer Rick Fusion, the opposite is also true: life is music. As you dive into his smooth beats and island inspired sound, the meaning behind this will be understood. It won’t be long before you realize that Rick Fusion Rick Fusion Songsfinds daily inspiration from the connection between music and the soul. The result is a pure and uplifting musical experience that will ease your mind and relax your soul.

Growing up in Jamaica, Rick Fusion was exposed to the island’s deep cultural emphasis on music. On the island, music is a means for many things. Rick Fusion can recall the many ways in which he was exposed to this. It was a way to celebrate and relax, with people often gathering together with their speakers to form impromptu dance parties. It was a way to praise—he was a member of the church choir his entire childhood. And of course, it was a way to experience the world. As a child, he listened to artists from around the world and soaked in the many different ways that music could sound. He listened to everything from reggae stars like Bounty Killer, Papa San, and Jimmy Cliff; to international sensations Bob Marley and Michael Jackson; and later on even artists like Justin Timberlake. As his experiences with music grew, Rick Fusion began making music of his own when he would try to emulate and even blend the sounds of these international stars.

With such a deep and constant connection between music and the foundations of who he is a person, life is music for Rick Fusion. This is made even more true by the constant change in his life. Like at the age of 14, when he moved to Miami, Florida, or now, living in Italy, music has continued to drive Rick Fusion’s soul. As a result, he is always ready for change and for new experiences. Music has taught his soul to be free.

Listeners will find so many things to appreciate in his music. In November 2018, Rick Fusion released the singles, “Best I Can”, “Love Light”, and “Everyday”. Each of these songs are uplifting and shows off his special connection with music. They combine a series of sounds that shows how Rick Fusion has grown and changed as a unique artist, while still managing to sound grounded and familiar in a way that is comforting to the listener. Above all, his lyrics display a true passion for music and will remind each of us that music is an essential part of life.

Currently, Rick Fusion is focused on bringing his musical career to the next level. He recently released an EP Album “Control” and two other singles, “like Solomon Said”, and Little Bit of Love.”

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