Demarco – Rice & Peas

Demarco - Rice & Peas

RICE & PEAS (single)
Artist: Demarco @demarcodadon
Label: StadicBlaze @stadicmusic @jonnyblazeproductions

Konshens – Cheat Pon

Konshens - Cheat Pon

CHEAT PON (single)
Artist: Konshens @konshens
Label: StadicBlaze @stadicmusic @jonnyblazeproductions

Iwaata & Jonny Blaze – Mission

Iwaata & Jonny Blaze - Mission

MISSION (single)
Artists: Iwaata @iwaatajettlife & Jonny Blaze @jonnyblazeproductions
Label: Jonny Blaze Music

Jahvillani ft. Prince Swanny – First Class Flight

Jahvillani ft. Prince Swanny - First Class Flight

Jamaican dancehall artist Jahvillani has got a recipe for catch phrases that takeoff! One Govament President Jahvillani teams up with Trinibad’s star Prince Swanny on the catchy new track ‘First Class Flight’. The single, produced by hitmaker YGF, is an ode to the benefits of hardwork. Whether riding in expensive cars or catching first -class- flights, its clear there are no parameters to where these self- proclaimed ghetto youths can go.

Other hit songs from Jahvilani include ‘Clarks Pon Foot’ which garnered over 5 million streams as well as the badman anthem ‘Nuh Reason’ which swept radio circuits and dancehall clubs throughout the Caribbean, U.S., and U.K.

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