Dj Crown Prince and CoolBlaze – Mali Riddim

Dj Crown Prince and CoolBlaze - Mali Riddim

International Djs Crown Prince and CoolBlaze present “Mali Riddim”. A fusion in the sounds of Africa and the Caribbean, the riddim will be a favorite for the summer fun. Three songs with different approaches and styles, from Gbm Nutron & Imani Ray’s seductive “Round and Round”, to Ricardo Drue & Carine Avrila’s steamy “Voulez-Vous,” to Naomi Cowan’s romantic “Loney Boy.”

Riddim Produced by: Don Fuego and Dj Crown Prince

Track one: Voulez Vous
written by Ricardo Drue
Perform By: Ricardo Drue and Carine Avrila

Track Two: Round & Round
Written By : Kevon Hart, Kory Hart, Jason Carter, Imani Ray, Kenny Holder
Perform By: Gbmnutron and Imani Ray

Track Three: Lonely Boy
Written By: Naomi Cowan
Perform By: Naomi Cowan

Produced by : Don Fuego and Dj Crown Prince
Arrangement by : Dj Crown Prince & CoolBlaze
Mix and Master : MixedByOso

Naomi Cowan & Carlene Davis – Santa Claus Do You Ever Come to the Ghetto

Naomi Cowan & Carlene Davis - Santa Claus Do You Ever Come to the Ghetto

‘Santa Clause do You Ever come To The Ghetto’ this new version is not just a cover it is a refreshing, in other words, a reminder, a conscious reflection that the more things change, the more it remains the same and most times in a worst way.
Yes, it was forty years ago and when you check it crime has become worst, there is a food crisis, the education system is setting us back by generations into a mental and physical slavery especially among the most vulnerable and the under-privileged. Forty years on we are compelled to ask the same question ‘Santa Claus Do You Ever Come To the Ghetto’. Society do we care?
For these reasons the Cowans have refreshed the song, ‘cause we need people to listen, we need to impact the system, the society with the fact that we see their advancement, we see their success, a lot of it riding on our backs.’
The tracks are forty years old and so to preserve the original music we had to use a method referred to as ‘baking’ of the original tape and thus enhancing the original authentic sound using the original tracks featuring Carlene Davis on lead vocals, Lloyd Parkes on bass, Devon Richardson on drums, Winston ‘BoPee’ Bowen on guitar, with some overdubbing by the original players. In addition Naomi Cowan is featured on lead vocals, Dean Fraser on saxophone, Lamont ‘Monty’ Savory on acoustic & pick guitar. Dave Green updated the sound on the drums while Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul who played the original piano/synthesizer/organ returned with his spritely chops to brighten the keyboards.
VP Records got very excited when we choose them to release the song which will be on all digital platforms as of Friday, November 19th through VPal Music.

Naomi Cowan – Climbing

Naomi Cowan - Climbing

Naomi Cowan releases the ultimate superhero anthem, ‘Climbing’

The beloved ‘Paradise Plum’ with her signature raspy voice and energetic persona, Naomi Cowan is set to release a positive, feel-good Afro-beat inspired track with a catchy beat and lyrics to inspire. The single, ‘Climbing’ is nestled on a groovy, ‘afro-beatseque’ rhythm and is co-produced by Cowan herself and Wiz from WMG Labs in Trinidad – with the assistance of Grammy-winning producer Sean Alric in setting the vibe. Naomi is known not only for her hit ‘Paradise Plum’ but her most recent single ‘Peace of Mind’ – her soulful contribution to the all-female cast on the ‘Rock and Groove Riddim’ project produced by reggae sensation Protoje’ and J Vibe.

She is a versatile musician and vocalist and songwriter whose lyrics ooze freshness while staying true to her overall theme of empowerment and ‘feel-goodness’. ‘Climbing’ is no different; she describes the track as an ode to ‘trusting the process’: “When I first heard the track – I had the melody for the hook on the spot…and then at the same time there was another female artiste in the studio who also happened to be a mom and that night her toddler was with her in the studio,” she said. “I was in amazement of how she was multitasking; pursuing her dreams while providing the love and affection her 2 year old demanded of her.” She applied that formula to her own journey and said that the ‘secret sauce’ to achieving one’s goals is to never stop- no matter what. “It sounds simple but it’s facts. Nuff times we get distracted by what we see happening around us and it can discourage us because we lose focus.”

This single is also another way in which she shows her passion for women (especially youth) empowerment – evidenced in her work with youth in Jamaica through the We Inspire Women, Manifesto Jamaica and We Transform programmes. “I’ve recognized that the value is more in the tiny steps we make every day towards that bigger picture. Even more importantly, I’ve learned that the minute you focus on running in your own lane…you gone clear. Everyone’s journey is different – so enjoy yours, nuh watch nuh face and keep climbing. Do You

Naomi’s vision for the track, above all, is to make one feel like their best selves as they go through life’s journey – in pursuit of their goals. “Honestly, this is going to sound sooo cheesy but the best way I can put it is that I want listeners to feel like a superhero hahaha. In other words: I want you to feel like that supercharged version of yourself that you wish you could be all the time….and then I want you to go out and be that person. We legit only have one life to live and it can end in a heartbeat. So why not maximize it, why not strive to the top – get to your own mountain top. You’re the only one that can rule your mountain….so dweet!

‘Climbing’ will be available across all major digital platforms on Friday, February 7. Naomi also has plans to hit both local and international stages this year.

Title: Climbing
Artist: Naomi Cowan
Produced by: Naomi Cowan & WMG Labs
Written by: Naomi Cowan, Joanna Hutton & Simon Alexander Mitchell
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