Papa San – Life Lessons

Papa San - Life Lessons

Papa San’s ‘Life Lessons’ A Hit-Filled Glory Album

Veteran performing artist Papa San delivers his new anticipated album ‘Life Lessons’ with hit-filled songs that accentuate messaging that praises God, balanced with sonics that seamlessly blend with Trap-Dancehall, Dancehall, and Reggae.

As a trailblazer in music, Papa San is known to push the boundaries in music. Taking Gospel to new levels, he acquired international success and a hearty signature sound that labeled him as a visionary in Reggae music while being anchored adamantly in Kingdom building. ‘Life Lessons’ furthers his accomplishments for its appeal to Gen Z Gospel music listeners while appealing to the tastes of mature listeners too.

Track 1, “Story” is a rapid freestyle that juxtaposes two stories that revolve around the choice each person has in life: a life with God or the hardships without him. Track 2, “Love About You” is a melodic ode to the new life one lives when they welcome God as their center. Track 5 “None Like You” is a hardcore pulsating Dancehall beat that marches listeners to the alter. Track 6, “Take It All Jesus” is an adult contemporary themed one-drop track that explains what happens when you give all your burdens to Jesus.

With a career spanning over twenty years, Papa San has emerged to the forefront in music and ministry as a leader and an innovator continuing to push the envelope with enthralling rhythmic Dancehall music immersed in the Word. This evolution is reflected in his continual presentation of poignant lyrics and his dedication to the Gospel. “It took me a while to get here, to evolve into the Christian I am now,” he states. “I know who I am and who I represent. I represent the Father; I am His son.” Tracks “Risky” and “Real” help to accentuate this thought.

Papa San’s music is a representation of a life fueled by a musical pallet that was cultivated by growing up in an audible atmosphere of Bob Marley and Dennis Brown, infused with the American pop and soul sounds of Donna Summer and Nat King Cole, interlocked with the innovative contemporary urban sounds of today. His story is one of being raised by his grandmother and taught the doctrines of the Rastafarian religion and witnessing violence that took the life of two of his brothers. His story is about experiencing the conviction of his heart, growing into a relationship with the savior Jesus Christ, and conveying his love and faith through an entertaining yet life-changing medium we call music.

All fans of music will appreciate Papa San’s new album ‘Life Lessons.’

Listen Now:

Runkus – Strange – Dancehall Anthems 2020

Runkus - Strange - Dancehall Anthems

As we continue down the path of exploring classic songs and their covers, we ‘buck up inna’ Reggae talent named Runkus. The young artist’s remake of Papa San’s song “Strange” has many nodding their heads in approval.

Official release date for “Strange” is Friday October 2nd, 2020!

Opting to stay with the original lyric sheet, Runkus brings a youthful vibe to the song. “Strange” is the fourth release from the forthcoming Dancehall Anthems compilation project produced by GRAMMY Award winning producer Jeremy Harding. The project is due for release on October 16th, 2020 on the VP Records label.

Previous releases from Dancehall Anthems include King Beenie Man “Mad Kings” in honor of King Yellowman, Kabaka Pyramid “Nice Up The Dance” in honor of Michigan and Smiley, and Wayne Marshall “Lots of Sign” in honor of Tenor Saw.

Collectively, all previously released titles have dominated the radio airwaves worldwide and have radio presenters such as Lee Major from New York’s Earth Ruler Sound call “Nice Up The Dance” a ‘classic remake that in itself has become a modern classic.’ Richard Banton from Toronto’s VIBE 105 FM says the project ‘is an anticipated release’ and King Lagazee from Ghana’s HITZ 102.9 FM agrees that fans will ‘have this project on repeat.’

Available for you to download is Runkus and the song “Strange.” When you play the song please share your video / audio on Instagram and tag the crew @runkusinno @misterharding. Make sure you tag me too @vprecords @thesonicexecutive!

On release day, Friday October 2nd, 2020 at 1 p.m. EDT (noon in Jamaica), Federation Sound’s Max Glazer will takeover @VPRecords Instagram account for a conversation with Dancehall Anthems producers Jeremy Harding and artists Kabaka Pyramid, Runkus, and Wayne Marshall.

Please inquire for interviews with Jeremy Harding.

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