Queen Ifrica – SERENDIPITY – Nuh Rush Records

Queen Ifrica - SERENDIPITY - Nuh Rush Records

Queen Ifrica – SERENDIPITY – Nuh Rush Records https://ingrv.es/serendipity-rti-i

Artist: Queen Ifrica
Label: Nuh Rush Records (IG @Nuhrushrecords )
Producer: Junior Brown (IG @IamNuhRush )
Riddim: Jovi Dipree
Distributor: Tuff Gong International
MGMT/Bookings: [email protected]

21 Greatness Riddim

21 Greatness Riddim

The 21 greatness Riddim album consists of 8 tracks featuring Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica, Luciano, Nature Ellis, Gott Yo, Jessemine, Chris Wynter and Qualliti feat Marvelous Belousk.  Immediately after the release of the first single “BE GREAT” by Tarrus Riley the single has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times and played by radio personalities and DJ’s all over the world.

Luciano’s track, “Cover Me” and Gott Yo’s track, “Never Leave My Side” are both uplifting & spiritual. Luciano sings,” Jah cover me and my family, keep us free from our adversities, keep us free from negativity” you can truly feel The Messenger plea for spiritual protection in these rough times. When Gott Yo sings, “Jah you brought me from the coldest morning from the dark and lonely. Jah you never leave my side” the emotion emanating from his voice seems to take all your troubles away. Both tracks are amazing offerings. Nature Ellis’s track “Let Them Talk” is also a spiritually invigorating song. Ellis sings, “Mi seh talk let them talk but a Jah Jah Children ah mek the walk.. the race is not for the talkers but for those who work and endure,” you feel like a student in school learning the ropes from the teacher. All in all, The 21 Greatness Riddim album by Innovation Muzik will truly please Reggae & Dancehall fans Worldwide! (Queen Ifrica appears courtesy of VP Records)

Celebrating Nina: A Reggae Tribute to Nina Simone

Celebrating Nina: A Reggae Tribute to Nina Simone

Multi-GRAMMY Award-winner Stephen Marley today released his new EP Celebrating Nina: Reggae Tribute To Nina Simone via Ghetto Youths Intl, available now everywhere. Co-produced by Paul Fakhourie, mix and mastered by legendary Errol Brown, who was also Bob Marley’s engineer, this EP the biggest Reggae Blues collaboration of 2022 has arrived, as Stephen Marley celebrates Nina Simone, in a Reggae style. This new EP has seven tracks as an ode to some of Nina’s greatest hits. Stephen has been building anticipation for this release for some time. Riding on the high of single releases like Queen Ifrica’s Four Women in April of 2021, and Etana’s Young Gifted And Black in February of this year. Stephen himself has described the EP as a “tribute to the legendary American jazz singer, composer, pianist and arranger Nina Simone.” These tracks have given the audience a mere taste of what the EP has to offer but now it’s finally here.

Nina Simone, legally known as Eunice Kathleen Waymon is one of America’s most legendary singer, songwriter, and musical arranger. Outside of her music, she is most known for her role as a civil rights activist during the separatist and racist 60 & 70s. Stephen Marley has never shied away from his musical appreciation for Nina. Producing songs for himself such as Father of The Man featuring Wyclef Jean and a classic Nina sample from her iconic Keeper Of The Flame hit. “I’m such a huge fan of her work” Mentions Stephen Marley during a Musicme interview in 2017.

Now, many years later, this appreciation has blossomed into an entire EP, paying tribute to Nina’s musical genius. “This project is about preserving Nina Simone’s legacy, passing it on to younger generations, including my children, because you don’t often find music this substantial. When we started this project, we reached out to Nina’s daughter (Lisa Simone Kelly) and to the Nina Simone Foundation to establish a connection; we want to donate a portion of proceeds to the things that she was all about.”

As we celebrate International Women’s month, Celebrating Nina: Reggae Tribute to Nina Simone highlights the strength, power, and resilience of women. With tracks from artists like Terri Walker who does a beautiful rendition of Nina’s 1961s No Good Man. Maya Azucena makes an appearance with her take on 1971s Mr. Bojangles. Joss Stone chimes in with Here Comes The Sun, Melanie Fiona inspires with her version of Don’t Explain and Cedella Marley honors the well-known 1964 hit Misunderstood. Speaking to Billboard Magazine, Patricia Meschino, Marley shared that he chose to work exclusively with female artists on this project because “our queens deserve recognition as the mothers of creation. These are beautiful, strong women and their voices do Nina’s work and reggae solid.”

On this release day Ghetto Youth International is proud to release the official video for Etana’s Young, Gifted, and Black https://youtu.be/s-62BjNzSXk.


“Celebrating Nina: A Reggae Tribute to Nina Simone”
Label – Ghetto Youths International
Executive producers – Stephen Marley / Damian Marley
All songs produced by Stephen “Ragga” Marley and Paul Fakhourie
Mixed by: Errol Brown
Distributor – One RPM
Visual Artist – WonderKnack
Release Date – March 18th 2022
UPC – QZGLM2293113
Genre – Reggae

Track Listing
1. Queen Ifrica – Four Women
2. Maya Azucena – Mr. Bojangles
3. Etana – Young Gifted and Black
4. Melanie Fiona – Don’t Explain
5. Joss Stone – Here Comes The Sun
6. Cedella Marley – Misunderstood
7. Terri Walker – No Good Man

The Redemption Project

The Redemption Project

Kingston-based production powerhouse Nuh Rush Records (distributed by Tuff Gong International) has released its latest offering, titled The Redemption Project, available now at all DSPs and streaming services. Hearkening back to the golden days of reggae, The Redemption Project is built around a Nyabinghi drum riddim — widely considered to be the heartbeat of the reggae genre and the Rastafarian faith — that inspired eleven conscious roots songs for this collection by a diverse list of Jamaican vocalists including Busy Signal, Queen Ifrica, Turbulence feat. Sunny Trad, Lutan Fyah, Tony Curtis, Kananga, Natural Black, Nature Ellis, Gott-Yo, Don G, and Guidance.

With titles like dancehall superstar Busy Signal’s “Never Get Tired,” Guyana-born singer Natural Black’s “Serious Times,” Kananga’s “Stronger,” and Queen Ifrica’s “Predator’s Paradise,” it’s clear that themes of strength, pride, and resistance are woven throughout the entire album.

An active community leader in her native Jamaica, with roots firmly planted in the Rastafarian faith, Queen Ifrica explained the meaning behind her contribution to The Redemption Project:

“‘Predators Paradise’ is a staunch look at how reality plays out in our everyday life. The lyrics suggest that there are so many people around the world who carry very dark experiences, while the people who are the ones who have affected them in that way are allowed to move about in society someway somehow so it’s about acknowledging that fact in the realness of sense.”

An official video for “Predator’s Paradise” in the final edit stages, while more visuals from The Redemption Project are currently being filmed.

Since its release, selections from the album have been featured in heavy rotation on Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Radio (channel 19) on SiriusXM, who are currently offering a free trial subscription.

Nuh Rush chief Junior Brown added “‘ The Redemption Project’ took two years in production and we are excited to finally share it with the masses.”

Queen Ifrica – Mih Love Yuh – Reggae Gold 2020

Queen Ifrica - Mih Love Yuh - Reggae Gold 2020

Sometimes a song is performed and that song speaks truth on many levels. Queen Ifrica’s recent release, “Mih Love You” speaks truth on behalf of many around the world who are experiencing relationship problems.

“Mih Love You” comes from Reggae Gold 2020 which was released by VP Records on August 28th, 2020.

Known for incorporating social issues in song (“Daddy,” “Serve and Protect” and “Black Woman” to name a few), it is not surprising that our reigning Queen puts the dynamic of honesty between man and woman front and center. Also included in her lyrics are the consequences to not being honest. Queen Ifrica sings: “me really shoulda tell yuh from the day when we meet say me is a girl who just love things / yuh shouldn’t borrow no car fih come look me / dat did kinda just shaky / if me did know den you wouldn’t get nuttin caw no walk-foot-bwoy can date me ….”

Although the song was released for Valentine’s Day 2020, Neil Diamond, Senior A&R for VP Records felt the track should be included on Reggae Gold. Neil says “this is a song that still brings up conversations that are needed in relationships. It’s a great song and I’m glad it’s included on Reggae Gold.”

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