HIRIE x Spragga Benz – ‘I Miss You’ (prod by Ricky Blaze/LMR)

HIRIE x Spragga Benz - ‘I Miss You’ (prod by Ricky Blaze/LMR)

HIRIE and Spragga Benz team up for ‘I Miss You’. The dancehall record was spun on HOT 97 on release weekend and was crafted by an all-star cast of producers, including Ricky Blaze (Gyptian, Major Lazer), Lmr Pro (Kranium). This is the first single from HIRIE off her upcoming yet-to-be-announced album dropping later this year on Oakland based independent label Ineffable Records.

Bulby York presents The Far East Riddim

Bulby York presents The Far East Riddim

Award‐winning Producer, Bulby York, travels Far East in his latest release

“Bulby York presents The Far East Riddim”

Kingston, Jamaica March 1, 2022 Collin “Bulby” York’s super talent was formed and developed through an original

foundation studio in Waterhouse, Jamaica, King Tubbys. His musical calling would see him in the studio after school each

day. Eyes, bulbous in nature – hence the nickname‐ would take in the full scenery including the engineers on the boards

and the artists in the booth. After closing time, he would practice the same knobs and controls he saw being used by

Steven Stanley, Steely& Clevie and Sly & Robbie to name a few.

2016 saw Bulby York branch out independently under his label, Bulby York Music. His premiere release “Epic and Ting”

(VP Records) showcased his genius of mixing retro sounds with a new age feel. Supporters were treated to

collaborations bridging the generations between veteran artiste and rising star; Lee “Scratch” Perry & Jesse Royal, Tenor

Saw & Agent Sasco and, Beres Hammond & Bounty Killer. With the success of this formula, he went on to release

“Master Blaster” (2018 – VPAL Music) and “Heartcrafted” (2020 – VPAL Music).

Reggae fans worldwide waxed nostalgia of a time when basement parties and sunrise bashments were the norm. Bulby

searched his memory banks and released “Padang Padang Riddim” (2021) utilizing his star alongside star formula. This

would be his first release to reach Top 10 on the Billboard Reggae Chart (debuted at #10). “Padang Padang” is a sample

of a Steely & Clevie ‘unnamed riddim’ most celebrated with the single from Admiral Bailey “Kill Them with It”.

It’s no wonder that March 2022, he would breathe life into one of your favorite original riddims. Known as “Far East

Riddim”, made popular by Barry Brown’s “Far East” (1978 ‐ Channel One), this 9‐track release ranges in topics from love

to social injustice. Yes, that is Barry Brown’s voice you hear at the beginning.

“I grew up on this riddim, I had to give it my own twist and toast the masses!” Collin “Bulby” York”.

Sizzla Kalonji kicks off this riddim with “Rumors”; a song on the awareness of false narratives on the internet and in the

news. The title track is Spragga Benz with “Race to Waste Your Life”, his homage to youth crime and on‐going fights

between private citizens and political figures in Jamaica. “Love Like Never Before” is a sweet serenade from Bushman

dedicated to obtaining the object of his affection and the many ways he’s going to maintain that relationship. Anthony

Redrose heeds a warning “Watch What You Doing”, as your negative words/actions will have a huge impact on your

future activities. Focused on a higher power, Red Fox deejays “We Nuh Fraid” of anything that comes against him. Rising

Rastafarian artist Jahbar I encourages you to put your everything in all you do. Kim Pommel, with the strength in her

voice of a lioness, wants to know when will the “Blood Stop”? Female artist Shav‐A rounds up the riddim with “Bring

Back the Niceness”, a perfect ending which embodies the feeling of the compilation.

“The Far East Riddim” releases for download/stream globally on Friday, March 4th. A VPAL Music distribution.

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