Diamonds in the Sun – Tanya Stephens, Cedella Marley, Diana King

Diamonds in the Sun - Tanya Stephens, Cedella Marley, Diana King

Tanya Stephens Collaborates with Cedella Marley and Diana King to release Diamonds in the Sun

Talented singer and songwriter, Tanya Stephens, features Cedella Marley and Diana King, as she drops a new record titled “Diamonds in the Sun”

Tanya Stephens has worked with other passionate entertainers to release “Diamonds in the Sun,” a captivating new single, to serenade her fans and lovers of good music with great vocals and meaningful lyrics. The talented songstress collaborated with Cedella Marley and Diana King to create the masterpiece, which has already started to enjoy massive airplay, as they come together to highlight the experiences of far too many women throughout human history.

“It is a conglomeration of all our individual activism. We are three separate and different voices… but it was a comfortable and easy fit.” – Tanya Stephens. “The advancement of women, talking about trauma and gender-based violence comes natural. The intention is to foster the dialogue and keep the conversation going until we are comfortable enough discussing the problem to focus on finding solutions.”

Music continues to transcend boundaries and if there is anyone that has mastered the art of leveraging the universality of the art to reach millions of people worldwide, it is Tanya Stephens. Over the years, Tanya has used her gift as a channel to communicate to the world, touching on several real-life issues with the goal of provoking conversations that could lead to the desired changes in society. She again looked to continue in this tradition in “Diamonds in the Sun,” appreciating the strength of a woman and highlighting the position of the gender in today’s world.

Produced by Tad ‘Jr. Tads’ Dawkins and Tad’s Record the single talks about the travails of women as they confront the many challenges that society has put in front of them. “Diamonds in the Sun” aims to emphasize the power of tears symbolized as diamonds, as the artists captivate listeners to evoke their innate power, precious nature, and strength to persevere.

“Diamonds in the Sun” further reiterates the commitment of Tanya to the cause of advocating for women’s empowerment and the fight against child and sexual abuse, especially since she is also a survivor.

Written by: Ronnie Tomlinson

Dean Fraser & Ernie Ranglin featuring Big Youth – De Ranglin

Dean Fraser & Ernie Ranglin featuring Big Youth - De Ranglin

Two Colors is a collaborative album between guitar legend Ernie Ranglin and saxophonist Dean Fraser, released on May 27th by Tad’s International Record. The 12-song set contains mainly instrumentals, all produced by Fraser.
The album is significant in that it pairs two of Jamaica’s most respected musicians, both of whom have worked with reggae’s greats including Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.
Deejay Big Youth, another reggae stalwart, is featured on De Ranglin, lead single from Two Colors which will be available on all digital platforms one month before Ranglin’s 90th birthday.
Production on Two Colors actually started in early 2021, with Fraser recording his lines in Kingston while Ranglin did his in Ocho Rios. They worked with an elite cast of musicians including bass guitarists Mikey Fletcher and Dale Haslam, keyboardists Bowie McLaughlin and Andre Marsh, drummer Desi Jones and guitarist Lamont “Monty” Savory.
Ranglin is a giant of Jamaican music. He developed his distinctive jazz riffs in the 1940s, playing in bands like the Eric Deans Orchestra and listening to greats like German guitarist Django Reinhardt.
His many achievements include arranging and playing on classic songs like Millie Small’s My Boy Lollipop and The Wailers’ It Hurts to be Alone. Ernie Ranglin is the recipient of the Order of Jamaica, Jamaica’s fifth highest honour.
Fraser is from Trench Town where Ranglin once taught guitar to young residents. Since the mid-1970s, he has recorded or toured with Marley, Dennis Brown, Sly and Robbie, Freddie McGregor, Buju Banton, Luciano and Tarrus Riley.
He was awarded the Order of Distinction, Jamaica’s sixth highest honour.
Two Colors is produced by Dean Fraser & Tad ‘Jr. Tads’ Dawkins.

Written by Howard Campbell

Ginjah – These Arms – Tad’s Record

Ginjah - These Arms - Tad’s Record

On Thursday, September 7, 1978, Valentine Nakrumah Fraser was born in Hanover, Jamaica. Years later, the world would know him as “Ginjah”.

At a young age Ginjah moved from Hanover to St. James Jamaica where he went to elementary school and high school. In St. James he realized that he loved and wanted to pursue music. In 1994 Ginjah moved to Central Village, Spanish Town to strive to make this ambition a reality. At seventeen years old Ginjah had his first studio session at none other than the illustrious King Jammy’s, home of many of the giants in the music industry. Determined to make people aware of his musical talents, Ginjah helped to organize a Young People Talent Search for his home community of Central Village. Working on this talent search, Ginjah got to know other local talents and he also gained the opportunity to showcase his own skills. This process helped him gain valuable experience and meet a lot of people involved in music and eventually lead him to meet and befriend a musical legend, Beres Hammond. Beres Hammond saw Ginjah’s potential. In 1999 Ginjah was invited to be on Beres Hammond’s Harmony House Label. This is where Ginjah did many of his early recordings. He recorded with some of the ultimate musicians in the business. From the beginning, Ginjah was surrounded by a lot of great musical talent.

Two years later, Ginjah got the opportunity to open for Beres on his Caribbean Tour. That year, he opened several shows stretching across the major Caribbean cities. After that Ginjah continued touring with Beres, but this time globally. Over the next four years Ginjah shared his musical talents with the world performing at many of the biggest reggae events worldwide. This gave Ginjah experience with the best of the best on the world stage and honed his skills as a singer and showman.

After these years of working with Beres, Ginjah decided to go out on his own and forge his own path by creating a music company called Ginjah Music. The subject matter of his words and music consistently address the lives and challenges of the grass roots people. His is conscious roots music. Since then, Ginjah has had major hits like “Never Lost My Way”, “Music Alone” and “One Chance”. In 2018 his “Roots” album received Grammy consideration. As a spiritual artist, Ginjah, the reggae soul man uplifted the nation during the pandemic with hits songs like “ Survival”, “ Trying Times” “Pressures Of Life” and “Soul Man”. Ginjah’s love and passion for the music consistently shows through his works. Ginjah recently released his latest album called “Reggae Soulman” which also received Grammy consideration in 2022.

Ginjah opened 2022 with his hit love song “Don’t Let Go”. Ginjah continues to steadily make and perform reggae soul music to sooth the hearts and minds of the people. Ginjah now continues to pursue his musical mission of keeping the integrity of reggae music as he strives as a rising artist playing the roots reggae music he loves.

Contact: Peter Wardle, Kings Music International

(510) 326-8445 or [email protected]

Ginjah – These Arms – Tad’s Record
Produced by: Valentine ‘Ginjah’ Fraser EXCLUSIVELY for Tad’s Record.

Ginjah – These Arms – Tad’s RecordAvailable now on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and all digital platforms worldwide.


Caryl Jacobs – Easy on Me

Caryl Jacobs - Easy on Me

Caryl Jacobs, is a talented singer / songwriter from the beautiful twin isles of Trinidad and Tobago. With a strong musical background, as both parents (Carl and Carol Jacobs) held a very iconic role in the calypso/ soca industry, Caryl began her professional career at the age of 16, singing in the family owned band ‘Islanda’. She migrated to the US during her teenage years, where she became more exposed to the glorious world of music. Her talent spans from performing the US national anthem at the NBA’s Miami Heat game, to doing frontline vocals for bands at major international carnivals, including Trinidad, New York’s Labor Day and Canada’s Caribana. A genuine love for life and passion for different genres of music has lead to her preferred style of a fusion between Reggae, Pop and Soca. This combined with her sultry, sexy style that matches the diverse ranges of her vocals, has lead to her working alongside various international artistes over the years. Some of these highlights in her career thus far include collaborations with the legendary reggae artist Glen Washington; dancehall sensations Beenie Man, Red Rat, Mad Cobra; Sly & Robbie; soca hit makers Rupee, Allison Hinds and the ‘King of Soca’ Machel Montano. Caryl recently signed with ‘Chris Knight Music Group’ where she has begun work on a collection of new releases to look out for.

Hezron – Tik Tok I’m Coming

Hezron - Tik Tok I'm Coming

Kingston, JA-Dynamic Jamaican singer/songwriter/musician Hezron will release “Tik Tok I’m Coming,” the sensuous second single from his much anticipated third album M.O.A.M. (MAN ON A MISSION) on January 21, 2022, via Tad’s Record. Ranked by Reggae industry insiders and his many fans as one of the greatest singer/songwriters of his generation, Hezron brings heartfelt expression and gritty soulfulness to his songs, which address personal struggles, societal concerns and romantic situations. Hezron’s scorching vocals on “Tik Tok I’m Coming” evoke the gospel and blues drenched soul of the late, iconic Otis Redding’s Stax Records’ sessions in Memphis, Tennessee. Hezron explained, “Because I am a fan of the social media app TikTok, I thought, if I wrote something that has a current echo but with an old school feeling, it could probably work and “Tic Tok I’m Coming” gave me that vibes, it just connected perfectly.

Hezron explains. “The “Tic Tok I’m Coming” video is edgy, but not too far out because I maintain certain morals, principles and stay within the lines of what is accepted on TV. In the social media era, music has become more visual and I wanted to strike a balance, for the people who listen to music and the younger generation who look at it, so I decided to step out of the norm, because if you are too safe, you might get lost.”

“Hezron has grown so much since his first album, his voice, his writing, his image, he will become a force to be reckoned with in the near future because he has a sound and the soul to go with it,” says Tad Dawkins. “Hezron is at the edge right now, trying to pivot to a wider audience and propel his achievements to the next level. He has that fire in him and he is going to make it work because he is a man on a mission.”

Hezron cites Tad as “my number one supporter, he has believed in me from the very beginning. This is a man that has dedicated his life to keeping reggae culture alive in Jamaica, so we have joined forces to release M.O.A.M., which really is a mission to let the world know that there is still great reggae music and musicianship coming from Jamaica. This album was carefully crafted. It is a true reflection of who I am, and I am excited for my fans to hear it. I believe they will love it as much as I have enjoyed painstakingly selecting every chord. Each track, every instrument on this album was recorded live. “Tik Tok I’m Coming” is my sound, my experience but fundamentally it is Reggae, and it is music for the soul.”

Through It All by George Nooks – Tad’s Record

Through It All by George Nooks - Tad's Record

Through it All … If ever there was a time when such words were on point it is now. Through the challenges of the pandemic and other testing events our anchor in God has brought us through. George Nooks’ new album Through It All is a timely gem to musically quell our weary hearts and souls. Nooks is known for choosing some classic songs and presenting them in a manner that gives listeners a soothing feel and transcendent lyrics to rock and mediate on.

George Nooks has always enjoyed hearing joyful noises to the Lord. Since he was a boy going to the Mount Carmel Apostolic Church in his hometown of King Weston in rural Jamaica.

The singer, who has made a name belting out gospel songs like God is Standing By and Ride Out Your Storm, continues his inspirational journey with Through it All, his latest album which is being distributed by Tad’s Record Inc. It contains 13 songs including the title track as well as gospel standards such as Amazing Grace, I Surrender All and a spiritual interpretation of The Stylistics’ You Make Me Feel Brand New.

“From I was little I listened to some of these songs in church. My grandmother was the mother of the church and I used to be there with her all the time,” Nooks recalled.
Though his initial hit songs like Tribal War and Fortyleg Dread made him a dancehall star in the late 1970s, Nooks erupted in 2000 with God is Standing By, a foot-stomping reggae cover of a soul song originally done by Al Green in the early 1970’s.

Nooks has released a series of gospel hits since then. And even though he periodically dabbles in secular music, he says it is important to keep things clean.
“I don’t do derogatory songs. I never did any song I couldn’t go into the church and sing.”

Through it All is exclusively produced by George Nooks for Tad’s Record Inc. It is available worldwide

We have come to expect nothing less of George Nooks and yet again he has surpassed our expectations with this remarkable album.

This album is dedicated to all persons yearning for spiritual upliftment.

Written by: Howard Campbell & Stacy-Lee Thompson

Reggae Virus – First Dose -Tad’s Records

Reggae Virus - First Dose -Tad's Records

Tad’s Record Releases Infection Music with Reggae Virus First Dose
Reggae music is infectious, and Tad’s Record has compiled a project that is bound to have a contagious impact on all listeners.
This musical concoction is filled with lyrical prescriptions from some exceptionally talented messengers that will uplift your spirit. This is what Reggae music is to millions of people across the world.
When you think of Reggae Virus First Dose this is what should come to mind, Reggae artists who skillfully coin and arrange music to heal, incite deep thought, and simultaneously entertain. This album is the healing to an aching world, plagued with negative actions and thoughts. Reggae Virus First Dose offers doses of positivity and love from Chezidek, Mykal Rose, Glen Washington, Sanchez, Mikey Spice, Anthony Cruz, Dean Fraser, Sophia Squire and Ray Darwin; who are incredible musical scientists worthy of notice and praise.
Lend an ear and listen to the sweet soulful and healing sound of Reggae Virus First Dose.

Written by: Chanta- Gaye Hibbert and Stacy-Lee Thompson

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