What Happened In Miami (Deejblaze Carnival Mixdown)



The Miami Carnival 2021 was filled with so much different emotions and experiences.. Now the the dust has settled we have seen and heard the so many stories I was forced to dubb this mix ” What Happened In Miami”.

Everyone has a different take on what the carnival pump was like. This mix-down contains some hot 2021-22 soca tunes including the biggest groovy soca anthems that was featured throughout the Miami carnival. This is a part of DeejBlaze experience, a part of his own story that he is sharing with you. #Topadetop

01. Deejblaze – Intro
02. GBM Nutron & DJ Spider – Down Deh
03. Shurwayne Winchester & DJ Spider – Gangalee
04. Erphaan Alves & Private Ryan – So Sweet
05. Sekon Sta & DJ Private Ryan – Dubai
06. KES & DJ Private Ryan – Keep Jammin’ On
07. Dev – Slam Bam
08. Motto – Horn
09. Patrice Roberts – Tender (Deejblaze Dub Edit)
10. Kerwin Du Bois – Soca Love
11. College Boy Jesse – Doing It
12. Lyrikal – Fete Cyah Over
13. Marzville – Yeah
14. Motto – Whole Night
15. Crystal Tais – Golden Ray
16. Nadia Batson – Counting My Blessings
17. Lyrikal – Magical
18. Charly Black – Hold Me
19. Motto – Flavor (French Vanilla)
20. Teddyson John & Skinny Fabulous – People Business
21. Patrice Roberts x Ricardo Drue – Toxic (DeejBlaze Edit)
22. Preedy – Riddim & Bass (DeejBlaze Dub Edit)
23. Arthur Allain – Wine on You (DeejBlaze Dub Edit)
24. Farmer Nappy – Backyard Jam (Muv Intro)
25. Patrice Roberts – Better Days (Muv Intro)
26. Lyrikal – Happy Place (Muv Intro)
27. Erphaan Alves – With My Head
28. Nessa Preppy – Double Team
29. Preedy – Dutty Waist
30. Sekon Sta – Baddest Gyal
31. Problem Child – Under Vibes
32. Terri Lyons & Private Ryan – Cant Take My Joy (Joyous Clap Intro)
33. Adam O x Private Ryan – Far Away
34. Ricardo Drue feat Drastic, Lilly & Private Ryan – Change The World
35. Preedy & Private Ryan – Location
40. Problem Child – Gal Bend
41. Ricardo Dru & Iwer George – Fete After Fete (Miami Vibes)
42. Viking Ding Dong – Proper Ting
43. Salty & Ricardo Drue – Freak
44. Adam O – Stress Bout Dat (DeejBlaze Dub Edit)
45. Mic Love – When Ah Drunk
46. Problem child – Drunk’n Style
47. Viking Ding Dong – Earthquake
48. Lil Rick – Clean
49. King Bubba FM – Dog Bite
50. Mr Vegas – Hot Gyal Alone
51. Shal Marshall – Girls Gone Wild
52. Sedale – Push Back
53. Skinny Fabulous – Blinking Bad
54. Ricardo Drue – Weak
55. Mic Love – Fork
56. King James – Roll It

#Miamicarnival #Socamix #2021soca

Leave The Door Open (Cover Version) – Maxi Priest, Teddyson John & Taddy P

Leave The Door Open (Cover Version) - Maxi Priest, Teddyson John & Taddy P

This Maxi Priest and Teddyson John cover version of “Leave The Door Open” is nothing short of mesmerizing. Both vocalists supported by producer Taddy P have added their own interpretation to the immensely popular single by Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak and Silk Sonic.

It’s no easy feat executing a cover of the number one love song in the world. However, Teddyson John, Maxi Priest and Taddy P were able to successfully create their own unique interpretation. A version that is reminiscent of the Caribbean. These undertones of Caribbean rhythms infused with Reggae is certain to get you moving. Think Lover’s Rock…That’s it.

When Teddyson John tells the story of the project, his enthusiasm is through the roof. It’s a dream come through for him to work with the living legend Maxi Priest. Although Teddyson is mostly known for his major contributions in Soca his interest in music is vast. He is not limiting himself to any one genre but focusing on creating great music. Maxi Priest’s vocals are memorialized through his many musical contributions over decades.

Flavor Riddim feat Charly Black, Machel Montano, Motto, Skinny Fabulous & Teddyson John

Flavor Riddim feat Charly Black, Machel Montano, Motto, Skinny Fabulous & Teddyson John

Flavor Riddim feat Charly Black, Machel Montano, Motto, Skinny Fabulous & Teddyson John

Just in time for summer, Saint Lucian super-producer and artiste Motto brings a healthy dose of island vibes with the Flavor Riddim – a cross-island collaboration featuring Caribbean superstars Charly Black (Jamaica), Machel Montano (Trinidad & Tobago), Teddyson John (Saint Lucia), and Skinny Fabulous (Saint Vincent). With an Indian-inspired flute melody lacing a bouncy Dancehall Soca backbeat, every track on the riddim delivers the perfect sound for those eager to get back into the clubs, fetes, and concerts and “wine down low”.

Release Title: Flavor riddim https://onerpm.link/FlavorRiddim

Motto – Flavor (French Vanilla) https://onerpm.link/FrenchVanilla

Charly Black – Hold Me (single) https://onerpm.link/holdme

Machel Montano – 10 Outta 10 https://onerpm.link/10Outta10

Teddyson & Skinny Fabulous – People Business https://onerpm.link/PeopleBusiness

DJ Levi Chin – Yes Soca Yes 2021

DJ Levi Chin - Yes Soca Yes 2021


Teddyson John and Kerwin Du Bois – SEE DEM

Teddyson John and Kerwin Du Bois - SEE DEM

Produced by : Kerwin Du Bois and Teddyson John
Written by : Kerwin Du Bois and Teddyson John
Video Production and Editing: Kerwin Du Bois
Mixed by : Ashwin Seegobin (Smash Productions)
Mastered By: Syndicate Music
Artwork by : Filbert (Kayo)Salton and Natanni St. Omer
Write up by : Oceans Brand Consulting.

The Teddyson John Project – Allez

The Teddyson John Project - Allez

Aka the breakthrough song. The anthem that allowed Teddyson John to connect with so many of you , especially outside of Saint Lucia. We’ve had some good times with ‘Allez’ haven’t we? Well we’ve recreated Allez in a special way for you. Caribbean Moscato promises to be a soulful journey with pure vibes and energy with my band the Teddyson John Project.

The Teddyson John Project – Crème de la crème (feat. Kayo)

The Teddyson John Project - Crème de la crème (feat. Kayo)

The smooth yet versatile Teddyson John (TJ) appears to be expanding and exciting our musical palates. While he has been subtly hinting and leaving clues, things seem to be officially out the bag, a new and daringly mellow version of TJ’s hit ‘Crème de la Crème’ (special edition) featuring St. Lucian hip-hop star Kayo, was unveiled, off his upcoming 2020 album ‘Caribbean Moscato’.

Caribbean Moscato is a highly musical but perfectly balanced piece, with soulful vocals and lightly intoxicating solos. A creation of Teddyson John, the TJ Project and 238 Square Miles, Caribbean Moscato is a unique and moving experience for all.

“As a Saint Lucian Brand(Music) Ambassador, being able to create this masterpiece with a partner like 238 Square Miles, whose purpose is authentic St. Lucian and Caribbean storytelling through art, creativity and passion; we believe this album has the potential to inspire other creatives to develop new interpretations of their art.” TJ expressed.

Crème de la Crème (special edition) can be streamed, downloaded and purchased on iTunes, Tidal, Deezer and Spotify. Buy and listen to Crème De La Crème via: https://li.sten.to/qwL8NDg

Saccharine Riddim – Mastamind Productions

Saccharine Riddim Mastamind Productions

Mastamind Productions is Back!
His name is synonymous with hit Soca songs and beloved Christmas anthems.

His, is a career that has touched and flowed through the many diverse and colourful paths that only music can take you through.

His talent is undeniable; just like the endless call for him to once again create riddims and songs with his signature Mastamind Midas touch.

At long last, Shawn “Mastamind” Noel is heeding that call. He has returned to give Soca connoisseurs teasing chords and zealous guitar riffs, all suffused with a heartfelt passion that only someone as gifted as he is, can translate from energy and inspiration into unforgettable serenades.

With this release, Mastamind Productions has triumphantly reestablished its rightful place in Soca music production, through the irresistibly sweet, ‘Saccharine Riddim’. But this is more than a riddim. It is in fact, a honeyed invitation that enticingly draws listeners in, via rhythms and lyrics fashioned to seduce the senses.

Also adding their own smooth flair to this, are four versatile singer/songwriters, whose alluring vocals and deliciously dulcet lyrics make this riddim an instant classic to all discerning ears.

Lyrikal leads the way as he charms and delivers a liberating number with “Drop That”, while Teddyson John regales and uplifts females everywhere in “The Woman”. Meanwhile, Nadia Batson cheekily professes that she can no longer “Hide It”, and Mistah Shak shows a tender side as he croons to his “Chocolate Goddess”.

Mastamind’s Saccharine Riddim is the deeply satisfying and melodious twist to Soca music fans worldwide have been anticipating, since rumours of Shawn being in studio producing again, have surfaced.

Hit play on this one as soon as you can, for it will fill every inch of your soul, with the kind of moving Mastamind music we have all sorely missed.

-Written by Mystie Thongs


Saccharine Riddim
All songs mixed and mastered: Shawn Noel
Executive Producer Natasha Andrews and Shawn Noel for Mastamind productions
Graphics created by Mali Walcott Graphics

Lyrikal x Mastamind Productions – Drop That
Lyrics written by Devon Martin
Music composed and produced by Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

Teddyson John x Mastamind Productions – The Woman
Lyrics written by Devon Martin and Teddyson John
Music composed and produced by Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

Nadia Batson x Mastamind Productions – Hide It
Lyrics written by Nadia Batson and Erikkson George
Music composed and produced by Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

Mistah Shak x Mastamind Productions – Chocolate Goddess
Lyrics written by Selvon Noel
Music composed and produced by Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

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