Skorch Bun It x LL CoolBlaze Present – ANYTHING – Timeka Marshall X College Boy Jesse

Skorch Bun It x LL CoolBlaze Present - ANYTHING - Timeka Marshall X College Boy Jesse

Skorch Bun It x LL CoolBlaze Present:
“ANYTHING” – Timeka Marshall 🇬🇾 x College Boy Jesse 🇹🇹

Written by: Darryl Gervais,Timeka Marshall, Jason JG Gilbert, Justin CoolBlaze Elliott, Jesse Stewart , Christopher Seymour
Produced By: Jason JG Gilbert, Justin CoolBlaze Elliott
Mixed by: Jason JG Gilbert
Mastered By: Keron Scratch Master Hector
Copyright 2021 Happy Parrot Records LLC

Travis World presents the Body Banging Riddim

Travis World presents the Body Banging Riddim

Title: Body Banging Riddim
Produced by Travis World
Artists: Nadia Batson, Lyrikal, Sekon Sta, Adam O
Genre: Soca
Label: Travis World Music
Release Date: 6/29/21

Award-winning Trinidadian producer/DJ Travis World delivers the sexy, playful Body Banging Riddim feat top Trini Soca stars Nadia Batson, Sekon Sta, Lyrikal, and the Virgin Islands’ own Adam O.

Personally by Lyrikal
Body Banging by Nadia Batson
Sidung by Sekon Sta
Bam Bam by Adam O

Flavor Riddim feat Charly Black, Machel Montano, Motto, Skinny Fabulous & Teddyson John

Flavor Riddim feat Charly Black, Machel Montano, Motto, Skinny Fabulous & Teddyson John

Flavor Riddim feat Charly Black, Machel Montano, Motto, Skinny Fabulous & Teddyson John

Just in time for summer, Saint Lucian super-producer and artiste Motto brings a healthy dose of island vibes with the Flavor Riddim – a cross-island collaboration featuring Caribbean superstars Charly Black (Jamaica), Machel Montano (Trinidad & Tobago), Teddyson John (Saint Lucia), and Skinny Fabulous (Saint Vincent). With an Indian-inspired flute melody lacing a bouncy Dancehall Soca backbeat, every track on the riddim delivers the perfect sound for those eager to get back into the clubs, fetes, and concerts and “wine down low”.

Release Title: Flavor riddim

Motto – Flavor (French Vanilla)

Charly Black – Hold Me (single)

Machel Montano – 10 Outta 10

Teddyson & Skinny Fabulous – People Business

Satta Massagana Rebirth Riddim – Manatee Records

Satta Massagana Rebirth Riddim - Manatee Records

Various Artist Compilation Album : Satta Massagana Rebirth Riddim
Executive Producer: Calvin ‘Doc’ Flowers
Producers: Calvin ‘Doc’ Flowers, Nathan Castro

Manatee Records New Release Centers On The Rebirth of The Satta Massagana Riddim, as a Global call for Giving Back to the youths of today

The project features a global contribution of various artists from Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad, Argentina, USA, France and Mexico. The artists representing Jamaica are led by veteran and known reggae icon Winston McAnuff who is a global reggae star and who has been the European bridge and reason for most if not all of the reggae iconic placements throughout Europe beginning with the music throughout France, England, Belgium and Germany.

Artists such as Sly and Robbie and the originators of what is reggae currently as well as many other artists from the days of Ska are those indebted to Winston for the connectivity of Jamaican music in France, England and Germany. Other artists in the Jamaican contingent include 90’s dancehall star Don Yute with his song “No Stopping Me”, TeearDropz who has ben revving up his songs throughout the years with his hit single “Wake Up List” is receiving major attention on the airwaves throughout Jamaica as well as another rising star Ras Ash 1st with his rendition of “Slave Trade”, have contributed to this major project for bringing peace back into our streets and communities.

The artist YoungWildApache and the youngest artist on the riddim, who is a fast rising dancehall artist in Jamaica currently , relates to his song ft Sasha Musiquee with “Nice Again” which demonstrates that the riddim has brought back musical memories across all ages as he explained that his inspiration or the song came from growing up when all the current superstars were on their trek to greatness who,ke he was a young teenager in Jamaica. Ishmel McAnuff, one of France’s reggae superstars, is the French contingent on the Satta Massagana Riddim Album which celebrates world peace. His input to the reggae community in France has been a historical position and has blessed the album with his song “Who Build These Guns”, referring to youth violence globally. His long history of appreciation of reggae music has positioned him along with his drive of reaching back to the youths and artists who are now producing new angles of such impacting music from his homeland Jamaica.

The Belizean artists include, Drivah ft Bastic with “Road”, Jah Art “Hail Rastafari”, Mikey Lion “Wroo Oh Oh Oh” and Shawn Adaan “Bawl” make the album a treasure with their input. Fidel Nadal , Argentinian star rastafarian with his song “Mucho Por Hacer”, which translates there is much to do in our communities and what he exemplifies with all his communal love for music throughout South and Latin America as well as throughout Europe. Sgt Remo, who is Mexican-American puts an emphasis on the production with his rendition of what we need in the world today to “Hear The Trumpets Blow” which adds a flair to the album.

Jah Myhrakle’s “Weh Manna Seh” is again words connected to the rastafraian faith as he represents the United States along with CK Pragmatic formerly known as Cement Kidd from the early 90’s when he was signed to Manatee Records, Jamaica with his song “Alive” adds the Belizean American in Jah Myhrakle as well as the Jamaican-American in Pragmatic who both represent the city of New York, the melting pot for many west indians in the united states.

Kmino Contigo with his Belizean-american roots, has given the album a millennial’s view of the struggles in our communities with his song “Always”. Finally Mr. Program, one of Belize’s young rising reggae stars, emotionally provided his song on the Satta Massagana Rebirth Riddim, just prior to being killed in the streets of Belize but we are humbled with praises for his song “My Religion”.

“I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about this project. With the right promotion, these songs will do well both locally and overseas,” Manatee Records President/CEO Calvin ‘Doc’ Flowers said. “The title of the project translates from the Amharic language as ‘He Gave Praise’, and with this project, I am honouring the spirit of that argument, by giving praise.”

He added, “The original Satta Massagana has even been adopted by some Rastafarian groups as a hymn used during services, so this project means a lot to me. The songs are well written and bring positive messages of introspection, peace and love to all.”

Flowers has been involved in the music community in Chicago since his arrival from his native country of Belize. Satta Massagana is the title track of a roots-reggae album of the same name by The Abyssinians. The rhythm itself has been re-recorded several times over the years. Manatee Records released a rendition of the Satta Massagana in early 90’s and the riddim was blessed by Bernard Collins and Manning from the original Abyssinians and one of the only labels to have received that verification of the riddim. The standout song which is being played on Irie-FM, Mello, Zip-FM and Sun City stations in Jamaica as well as a host of other stations in the USA, Africa and the Caribbean is “Wake Up List” by TeearDropz.

This song is inspired by the knowledge that life is the greatest, whenever you rise, you have it all, you’re rich. The song has also received praise from Bobby Konders , top reggae DJ in New York and the Massive B movement. Winston McAnuff’s “Armageddon” is another standout track from the veteran and iconic reggae artist who appreciated hearing the new rendition of the Satta as we all know.

Another stand out song is Ras Ash’s 1st “Slave Trade”, which not only looks at the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and its lingering effects, but also focuses on the need for the loving kindness and mercies of Jah. Flowers has high hopes for the project given the early buzz.

Machel Montano – The Wedding Album

Machel Montano - The Wedding Album

The Wedding Album is a love party; a collection of slow grooves for easy listening and dancing, with a message of love running straight through. Like a marriage, the theme is of union, but on many levels.

Firstly, the album is a dedication to my wife and the wonderful partnership we share and which we celebrate physically, spiritually and culturally. These songs translate feelings we experience when we meet and love, when we dance and share space, and when we find joy in togetherness.

On another level, these songs are representative of the times when I’ve stepped out of my mind and into my heart and trust directions unknown…experiment even!

This album is a departure from the road-march rompers and fete starters that I’m known for. Instead it’s a vibe for a long journey with a companion and stands as a bridge between where I’ve been and where I’m heading.

These songs venture from Dancehall to R&B to Afrobeat, all infused with that sweet Soca. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the artistes I’ve collaborated with and it’s an honor to sing side by side with such highly rated creatives whom I look up to and I’m a big fan of.

I’m also blessed to work with all the talented contributors on this project – writers, producers, engineers – people I’ve worked with for a long time, developed many musical memories with, and those that I met during this process, with whom I’m ready to explore new dimensions of creativity.

This musical coming together for me is like a marriage and to celebrate it, I share with you all, The Wedding Album.


Shock Value EP | Rebel Sixx | Trinidad Dancehall 2020

Rebel Sixx - Shock Value EP

After 2 years of aggressively attacking the dancehall scheme on the charts and winning the hearts of the ground Rebel Sixx has honed in on his talent and vision to evolve into a global artiste. Starting the year with weekly releases and dynamic visuals, as a subtle climatic lead up, he’s curated a storyline that lays out a map straight back to what would be his first fully conceptualized and personalized body of work: Shock Value. The project is a rollercoaster, thrilling and loaded with twists and turns. He narrates stories of his early life, relationship with his family, friends and even his enemies along with accounts of the street life, anthems of the ground mixed with stories of triumph. On a mission to raise the standard of the industry and pioneer a new era of artiste he, his team & all associated entities have created the first of many dancehall projects totally from Trinidad.

SLIGHT PEPPAH – Trinidad Carnival 2020 SOCA MIX by DJ BuzzB

SLIGHT PEPPAH – Trinidad Carnival 2020 SOCA MIX by DJ BuzzB

This is the ‘SLIGHT PEPPAH’ MIX! DJ BuzzB’s flavourful blend of the HOTTEST Soca songs for Trinidad Carnival 2020! Who doesn’t love adding slight pepper to a tasty doubles, roti or any of Trinidad’s famous dishes? For those that don’t know the phrase, this refers to a request that someone would have to put a little bit of pepper sauce in their food to add some extra flavour. BuzzB intends on executing something similar with this brand. His mixing style will provide that vibe you’re craving for. Enjoy these 2 hours of strictly the best & biggest Soca songs heating things up for Trinidad Carnival!

Naomi Cowan – Climbing

Naomi Cowan - Climbing

Naomi Cowan releases the ultimate superhero anthem, ‘Climbing’

The beloved ‘Paradise Plum’ with her signature raspy voice and energetic persona, Naomi Cowan is set to release a positive, feel-good Afro-beat inspired track with a catchy beat and lyrics to inspire. The single, ‘Climbing’ is nestled on a groovy, ‘afro-beatseque’ rhythm and is co-produced by Cowan herself and Wiz from WMG Labs in Trinidad – with the assistance of Grammy-winning producer Sean Alric in setting the vibe. Naomi is known not only for her hit ‘Paradise Plum’ but her most recent single ‘Peace of Mind’ – her soulful contribution to the all-female cast on the ‘Rock and Groove Riddim’ project produced by reggae sensation Protoje’ and J Vibe.

She is a versatile musician and vocalist and songwriter whose lyrics ooze freshness while staying true to her overall theme of empowerment and ‘feel-goodness’. ‘Climbing’ is no different; she describes the track as an ode to ‘trusting the process’: “When I first heard the track – I had the melody for the hook on the spot…and then at the same time there was another female artiste in the studio who also happened to be a mom and that night her toddler was with her in the studio,” she said. “I was in amazement of how she was multitasking; pursuing her dreams while providing the love and affection her 2 year old demanded of her.” She applied that formula to her own journey and said that the ‘secret sauce’ to achieving one’s goals is to never stop- no matter what. “It sounds simple but it’s facts. Nuff times we get distracted by what we see happening around us and it can discourage us because we lose focus.”

This single is also another way in which she shows her passion for women (especially youth) empowerment – evidenced in her work with youth in Jamaica through the We Inspire Women, Manifesto Jamaica and We Transform programmes. “I’ve recognized that the value is more in the tiny steps we make every day towards that bigger picture. Even more importantly, I’ve learned that the minute you focus on running in your own lane…you gone clear. Everyone’s journey is different – so enjoy yours, nuh watch nuh face and keep climbing. Do You

Naomi’s vision for the track, above all, is to make one feel like their best selves as they go through life’s journey – in pursuit of their goals. “Honestly, this is going to sound sooo cheesy but the best way I can put it is that I want listeners to feel like a superhero hahaha. In other words: I want you to feel like that supercharged version of yourself that you wish you could be all the time….and then I want you to go out and be that person. We legit only have one life to live and it can end in a heartbeat. So why not maximize it, why not strive to the top – get to your own mountain top. You’re the only one that can rule your mountain….so dweet!

‘Climbing’ will be available across all major digital platforms on Friday, February 7. Naomi also has plans to hit both local and international stages this year.

Title: Climbing
Artist: Naomi Cowan
Produced by: Naomi Cowan & WMG Labs
Written by: Naomi Cowan, Joanna Hutton & Simon Alexander Mitchell
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