Gibrilville – Manifest featuring Kwamiena

Gibrilville - Manifest featuring Kwamiena

Following the release of his single ‘Can of Soda’ and receiving the Akademia Award for 2022 Outstanding Legacy, hip-hop and afrobeat artist Gibrilville is back with a bang. ‘Manifest’ featuring Kwamiena, is the upcoming single, ahead of Gibrilville’s album ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect.’ The feel-good track was made in collaboration with producer DJ Pain.

Originally working together in 2014, when Gibrilville made music under his alter ego screwface917, DJ Pain and Gibrilville reunited to create ‘Manifest,’ a song that’s sure to catapult Gibrilville into the spotlight. ‘Manifest’ addresses the overall concept of the album, aligning with Gibrilville’s own life journey. “I wanted to develop the concept of the album ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect’ and the title felt powerful enough to be a whole song. So I reached out to DJ Pain and asked for some new production. As soon as I heard the beat, I knew I found my title track.”

Fusing together atmospheric R&B with soulful electronics, ‘Manifest’ opens with a harmonious piano, as Gibrilville invites his listeners in; ‘I’d like to welcome y’all’. Descending strings transcend into the euphoric drum beat, while heartfelt backing vocals accompany Gibrilville’s effortless flow. Sprinkled with ethereal synthesizers, and dropping into occasional Lo-Fi segments, ‘Manifest’ perfectly blends the electronic world with raw, acoustic instrumentation to make the track feel alive. Gibrilville uses his skills as a lyricist, alongside clever wordplay to tell a story, ‘watch good things manifest in peace, love and respect.’ The result is an uplifting soundscape that strengthens the title of manifestation. It feels powerful and exhilarating – as if it’s manifesting bigger things.

Taking lyrical references from DMX’s album title from 1998, and being inspired by his interviews, Gibrilville’s wordplay in the third verse displays his connection to DMX, who passed away shortly after Gibrilville finished writing the record. “One of my biggest musical influences in hiphop is DMX” says Gibrilville, “and this record felt complete by paying respect to him.” Rising artist Kwamiena also features on the track, after Gibrilville saw Kwamiena perform ‘Purple Rain’ on stage one night. Blown away by his performance, Gibrilville invited him to be a part of the track, where they recorded together at a studio in East Legon.

For Gibrilville, music comes from the heart and he takes his own life experiences and crafts them into music that listeners can connect with. His career has been vibrant, opening shows for Guns N Roses, supporting Adrenalin Mob, and recording with and playing for Dead Prez. While an EP release is scheduled for summer 2022, ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect,’ will arrive later in the year.

‘Good Things Manifest & Bad Things Defect’ is scheduled for release in late 2022, and will be released on Gibrilville’s own music production company, Foreign Exchange Records, a label he has created to push hip-hop and afro beats globally.

Marzville x KDM – Pump It

Marzville x KDM - Pump It

Marzville x KDM – Pump It
Written by Omar (Marz Ville ) McQuilkin & KDM
Producer: Orlando Phillip (Hyper D)

Teddyson John – Lavi Dou (Life Sweet)

Teddyson John - Lavi Dou (Life Sweet)

Teddyson John – Lavi Dou (Life Sweet)

Produced by : Focus Production and Zack Popo
Written by : Irvin Ace loctar and Teddyson John
Vocal engineer and Mixing : Danyl Daniel ( Facemedia Production
Bass: Nicky Pampfille
Guitar: Zack Popo
Brass: Jn Claude Desir on sax
Dennie Marshall on Trombone
Errol Fontenelle on trumpet
Mastered : Scratchmaster
Artwork: Kayo

Teddyson John – Gyal Go

Teddyson John - Gyal Go

Artist: Teddyson John
Title: Gyal Go
Written by : Teddyson John and Joel Pinel
Produced by : Focus Production
Vocal Production, Engineering and Added Production by : Danyl Daniel ( Face media Production)
Artwork Cover by – Kayo
Bass : Nicky Pamphile
Mixed and Master by : Scratchmaster

Lyrikal – Quick Stop

Lyrikal - Quick Stop

Lyrikal – Quick Stop – Written by Devon Lyrikal Martin – Music produced by G6 Productions

Lyrikal – Ghetto Yute (Black Lights Riddim)

Lyrikal - Ghetto Yute (Black Lights Riddim)

Lyrikal – Ghetto Yute

Written by: Devon Lyrikal Martin
Music Produced by: Kelly Beatz
Mixed and Mastered by: Peacemakerz Intl.
Riddim: Black Lights Riddim

Directed and Edited by Ronnie Homer

Julien Believe – I Believe In You feat. Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Alison Hinds & Friends

Julien Believe - I Believe In You feat. Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Alison Hinds & Friends

I Believe In You, Julien Believe featuring Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Rik Carey, Judah Tha Lion, Erin Reign, Alison Hinds, Tara Lynne, Cecile, Erin Reign, Shaback, Nehemiah Hield, Saeed Renaud.

This song is a tribute to the resilience of the Caribbean Spirit in the face of climate change and insurmountable odds that have contributed to the creation of the circumstances that lead to the mega storm, Hurricane Dorian, that impacted and affected Abaco and Grand Bahama; two of the Bahamas’ northern islands.

‘I Believe In You’ is Believe’s latest single that features major Caribbean artists and fellow Bahamian artists, dubbing this the “We Are The World” of the Caribbean. It represents solidarity and unity amongst each artist and their willingness to band together to help a brother or sister in need. This song declares not only love of country but the Caribbean at large.

The lyrics and imagery simultaneously displayed the resilience of the Bahamian people, along with the support of our neighboring brothers and sisters is married perfectly with the catchy and upbeat rhythm. This song is designed to create a sense of hope, strength and assurance in knowing that we will live up to being strong #BahamasStrong. It drives awareness to the devastation and tugs at your heart for a call for action to help, assist and give to those in need.

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