Beres Hammond – Mi Deyah Again (feat. Wicker Man)

Beres Hammond - Mi Deyah Again (feat. Wicker Man)

Godfather of Reggae Beres Hammond and Dancehall stalwart Wickerman have collaborated on an up-tempo, feel-good track entitled “Mi Deyah Again,” released in time for the festive season. With the accompanying music video, fans are feeling the vibes.

Acknowledging that the world has been indoors for the past 2 years with few opportunities to be social and enjoy the company of others “Mi Deyah Again” celebrates the good vibes and positive energy many are ready to share. The world-acclaimed singer said “though we haven’t seen each other face to face, we are ready for a real-life embrace.”

Produced and recorded at esteemed Harmony House Studio in Stony Hill, Jamaica, by the mood and theme of the song is to bring joy to those who hear the track. Wickerman adds “people have been through a lot and we just want to lighten the vibes.”.

Accompanying the release of the song is the music video shot on location in Jamaica. Filmed in the setting of an intimate outdoor space, and in the company of close friends and family, Beres and Wickerman take center stage sharing one microphone while performing for those in attendance and those watching from a distance. Not lost in the peripheral is a youngster (representing the younger generation) who wants to attend the festivities of his elders. “That scene shows that the youth have an interest in what the elders are doing” said Prof & Kryss Ras who directed the music video.

Cameo appearances in the music video include Tony Rebel.

“Mi Deyah Again” is distributed by VPAL Music and is available on all streaming platforms.

Naomi Cowan & Carlene Davis – Santa Claus Do You Ever Come to the Ghetto

Naomi Cowan & Carlene Davis - Santa Claus Do You Ever Come to the Ghetto

‘Santa Clause do You Ever come To The Ghetto’ this new version is not just a cover it is a refreshing, in other words, a reminder, a conscious reflection that the more things change, the more it remains the same and most times in a worst way.
Yes, it was forty years ago and when you check it crime has become worst, there is a food crisis, the education system is setting us back by generations into a mental and physical slavery especially among the most vulnerable and the under-privileged. Forty years on we are compelled to ask the same question ‘Santa Claus Do You Ever Come To the Ghetto’. Society do we care?
For these reasons the Cowans have refreshed the song, ‘cause we need people to listen, we need to impact the system, the society with the fact that we see their advancement, we see their success, a lot of it riding on our backs.’
The tracks are forty years old and so to preserve the original music we had to use a method referred to as ‘baking’ of the original tape and thus enhancing the original authentic sound using the original tracks featuring Carlene Davis on lead vocals, Lloyd Parkes on bass, Devon Richardson on drums, Winston ‘BoPee’ Bowen on guitar, with some overdubbing by the original players. In addition Naomi Cowan is featured on lead vocals, Dean Fraser on saxophone, Lamont ‘Monty’ Savory on acoustic & pick guitar. Dave Green updated the sound on the drums while Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul who played the original piano/synthesizer/organ returned with his spritely chops to brighten the keyboards.
VP Records got very excited when we choose them to release the song which will be on all digital platforms as of Friday, November 19th through VPal Music.

Singers Anthem – Various Artists

Singers Anthem - Various Artists

Anthony Redrose is known in the Reggae industry as a mentor and coach to many singers and DJs; guiding them to the next level in their natural-born talents. How to properly ride a riddim and lyrical mastery are a few of the lessons learned during sessions with the Godfather (an affectionate nickname). Authentic Reggae music has seen a surge in streams during the current world climate. Fans are wanting more and more of what they’ve come to love. What better time for Redrose to release a compilation?

“Singer’s Anthem” is a combination of Reggae, Jazz and Smooth R & B. Executive Producers Anthony Redrose (Raggedy Joe Records) and Lawrence Gowdie (Gowdie Enterprise) recruit the talents of Sly Dunbar, Paul Crossdale and Dean Fraser to create what can only be described as “rebooted and reclaimed“…we’re taken back as the singers hold their rightful places on the thrones of the Culture. This 13-track treat infuses the best parts of modern Reggae hopefuls while redirecting the spotlight to original vibes from your favorites.

Credit: Genie Sweetness

Greater Glory Riddim – Various Artists

Greater Glory Riddim - Various Artists

Kingston Jamaica – Burgeoning producer, artiste and CEO of 1 House Records Peter Henry, more popularly known as Pete Starr, has successfully launched his musical career to new heights. With his first unique rhythm called: Greater Glory, a full St. Georges College production, Pete Starr has without a doubt proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music game.  With over twenty (20) years of experience, with his deep rooted and sincere love for reggae music, the meticulous producer/airline pilot, has caught the attention of major industry players and fans with his first reggae production, which features only artistes from his alma mater, St. Georges College in Kingston, Jamaica. The production includes artistes such as: Pete Starr, Mikey General, award winning dub poet Steppa Gangunguru, Rory T, Jahfrican (producer Adrian Locke, Lockecity Music), Cezar, Cali C, Iya Tear, Jahni C, Jim Redz and Guzie.

The album distributed by VPAL Music and is officially released on all digital


As the world anticipates the official release of the 1 House Records album showcasing eleven (11) smashing reggae songs, Pete Starr shared:

“This album was a well thought out carefully constructed production, which Grammy Award winner Fatta “Lynford” Marshall was the mixing engineer. ”

He continued, ” It features musicians, Robbie Lyn, Donald Dennis and the late Dalton

Browne, also producer Adrian Locke was instrumental in the composition of the rhythm. 1 House Records is ready to produce more quality music and hits. Fans can also look out for my single, “Daddy.”


Upcoming Projects

Meanwhile, as 1 House Records stamps an indelible mark on the reggae scene with the Greater Glory rhythm. The team is now gearing up for the release of the official video of the songs from the Greater Glory studio album in a couple of weeks.

Pete Starr would like to assure fans that, they should continue to expect quality productions from the label for 2021 and beyond.  When asked to leave words of advice for upcoming producers, Pete Starr responded:

“Simply stay focused, with discipline, hard work and most importantly professionalism, this Is the key to success. Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Sobriety Test Rhythm – Symphony B Records

Sobriety Test Rhythm

Ralston Barrett Launches New Label With Sobriety Test Rhythm

Prominent entertainment publicist Ralston Barrett has returned to his musical roots.

The humble Negril native who began his career in the early 1990s as a producer and artiste manager has decided to take a stab at music production once again.

“I’m happy to get back in the production game. It’s a part of the business that is very dear to my heart. I love working in the studios with talented musicians, artistes and engineers to create music. I have a high level of appreciation for the creative process that it takes to produce good music,” said Barrett.

Barrett’s latest effort is a hard-driving dancehall rhythm titled the Sobriety Test rhythm. This is the first project to be released on the Symphony B Records imprint; a label that was created as gift for his five year old daughter Symphony Barrett.

The nine-track rhythm album features songs such as Capleton’s Nuh Friendy Thing, Delly Ranx’s Blaze It Blaze, Jahbar I’s Rebel With a Spirit, Sudu Mos-I’s Man a Winner, Tellah’s Peace and Love, Furious’s Clean Mi Clean, Venjahnce’s Ganja Train, Jah Wiz’s You’ve Got To Try, and Fyah Stick’s Education is the Key.

“I’m pleased about this project; the songs on this rhythm are excellent. It’s my first project in a long while, and I hope it will be well received. I’m going to put a lot of promotion behind it to ensure it’s success,” he said.

The Sobriety Test rhythm is distributed by VPAL Music and is available worldwide on all digital platforms, including iTunes, AppleMusic, Amazon, Deezer and Spotify.

Ralston Barrett is one of Jamaica’s top entertainment publicists; over the past two decades he has worked with some of the biggest acts in Reggae and Dancehall music including Richie Spice, Protoje, Mr Vegas, Spice, Ninja Man, Gyptian, Rygin King and Chronic Law.

Meta & The Cornerstones – Dia

Meta & The Cornerstones - Dia

Meta Dia

“DIA” Pronounced(Jah) takes the Reggae mastery of one of its foremost African ambassadors to a new level. It is beautifully crafted and full of passion for music and message, sounding pouncing riddims and sweet harmonies to Jah (Dia) rising sun. Yet, it is much more than just another excellent Reggae album. Meta Dia offers hidden pathways to social healing – or “salvation” – as Rastas, Sufis, and all other spiritual Reggae Aficionados may have it.

Beware, many of (DIA) tracks take you to the dark side of this time and planet – racism, poverty, war, destruction of the environment. But it does not leave you in the valley of rage and revenge. Meta leads his followers to the final destination, the valley of decision, where good wins over evil.

His lyrical rivers of wisdom are fed by many tributaries, the nomadic mystic traditions of his Fulani forebears, the Rastafari I-sights based on the teachings of Ras Tafari and the wise men of the East, so prominent in his beloved Senegal. Yes, Meta sues for justice. Not only for Africans from his mother continent, but for all the “wretched of the earth”. But his bottom line is in line with so many great minds: “Just like the breeze, forgiveness will make us heal.”

It comes at a crucial time with so many destructive “signs of the time”: Wars and violence in the false name of religions or cultures, separating the one human race into ever-more fierce adversaries and foes, and selfish nations anything but united.

Meta Dia hammers the walls of division to create space for his doctrine of “Peace, Love and Harmony” – against all odds. For him, this is not a safe space of fake consolation or unconditional reconciliation.

Quite to the contrary: this Reggae album is a yet another wake-up call to come together on a basis of equal rights and justice; for there is no other way of togetherness. With this fundamental mission Meta joins the ranks of the all-time Greats in Reggae. Who could be more predestined for this “mission impossible” than a Muslim Fulani Dread, full of Rasta vibes. Here comes trouble for the warmongers. With a superb package filled with the finest sounds and ideas from Dakar to Jamaica to New York and the rest of the globe.

By Werner Zips

Track List:

1 Liberation
2 Two Pockets
3 Conqueror
4 Majesty (Feat. SumeRR)
5 Riser
6 Boomerang Love
7 By Your Side
8 Concrete Jungle (Feat. Julian Marley & Malik Work)
9 Try Me
10 Love in the Ghetto
11 Cells
12 Breeze
13 Red Eyes
14 Victory
15 Trespass (Feat. The Skankin Monks)
16 Free (Feat. Mirna Haje)

Emeterians – Lockdown Project

Emeterians - Lockdown Project

Emeterians vocal trio strike back with a brand new album “Lockdown Project” co-produced by Cosme Deyah. The 10 tracks were recorded during lockdown in Spain, in August 2020

Emeterians (Sistah MaryJane, Brother Wildman & Maga Lion), the harmony group from Spain, bring 10 new tracks with a different flavour. Co-produced by friend and Spanish producer based in the UK, Cosme Deyah, their 7th studio album was recorded during lockdown in Madrid, in August 2020, at their own home studio.

With two singles released in mid 2021: “Be Careful” with Forward Ever Band & “Call Me Anytime You Want” placed in the best Reggae playlists such as Crucial Reggae and Apple Music´s Dubwise, the trio drops two perfect references of what the album is all about… classic Roots harmonies over a mix of Reggae, Rap and Dub instrumentals that they built, recorded and arranged themselves.

A perfect blend of traditional Jamaican music with Rap and Soul, with their own touch of course…

The “Lockdown Project” starts with the autobiographic gem “Our Story” in which the group sings about their begginings and their London experience. This album has a new taste, mixing 808´s with classic skanks on some tracks like “Irie”, or “Not Dem”, talkbox and vocals perfectly blending on “Super Lady” with J.M.Boix on lead guitar, a re-lick on the classic riddim “Real Rock” in which they tribute some of their favourite Reggae artists…

With great featurings from Kumar (ex Raging Fyah) and Tubby Boy (emerging UK Hip Hop artist) on “Outta Babylon” & “Tell Lie Vision” in which they mix Hip Hop with classic harmonies, make the album complete.

“Our music and lyrics are specially meant for the new generations. In this project we mixed modern elements like 808´s, trap hihats or even some sampling to our classic style of Reggae so we can also connect with the younger audience all over the World, while keeping faithfull to our style and fans…” said Maga Lion, who mixed and mastered all tracks, except for “Be Careful” by Saul Wolf.

Track List:
1.  Our Story            
2.  Irie        
3.  Be Careful (Feat. Forward Ever Band)     
4.  Call Me Anytime You Want         
5.  Tell Lie Vision (Feat. Tubby Boy)
6.  Super Lady         
7.  Love is About    
8.  Not Dem             
9.  Outta Babylon (Feat. Kumar)      
10.  Reggae Music   

Doo Run Riddim – 2021 Reggae

Doo Run Riddim - 2021 Reggae

Kingston, Jamaica – Veteran producer, Mr Doo, has stormed his way back onto the airwaves with an iconic rhythm dubbed “Doo Run”.

With this exciting hit, Mr Doo takes the beautiful sound of live reggae back to the front of the line. He pays homage to the mega-hits he dropped in the ’80s and ’90s, collaborating with Greggory Issacs, Cocoa Tea, Ninja Man, George Nooks, Tony Rebel, Shaggy, Little John, Sanchez, Freddie McGregor and others.

The sensational project is a collaborative effort between Grammy Award-winning megastar Shaggy and Mr Doo. This partnership marks Doo’s return to the studio after a long absence.

As is his signature when putting musical projects together, Mr Doo reached for some of Jamaica’s top names to participate in this smooth, head-bopping, finger-snapping representation of the authentic reggae and dancehall sound. The phenomenal accomplishment boasts hot new music from Bounty Killer, Brian and Tony Gold, Shaggy, and Rayvon. It also hosts new talent who blow-up the riddim.

The collaborative approach leaned heavily on the extraordinary expertise at Mixing Lab and Anchor Recording Studios in Jamaica and Ranch Entertainment Studio, located in New York.

This historical return is much needed and welcomed. The songs will surely stand firm during the test of time.

Good Girlz Gone Bad EP

Good Girlz Gone Bad EP

“They say you can’t turn a bad girl good, But when a good girl turns bad she’s gone forever”

THE GOOD GIRLZ GONE BAD EP, gives you an opportunity to explore that myth. Laden with four explosive tracks from four beautiful females, featuring RAYBEKAH, Shaniel Muir, Ikaya and Tifa a balance of established acts and rising stars. #HitzTV

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