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Jabez - Fimi Praise - [Reconnect Album] Tad's Record Inc. Riddimstream™ the Latest Reggae, Dancehall and Soca Music.

Jabez - Fimi Praise - [Reconnect Album] Tad's Record Inc.

Released on: 18 April 2017

Label: Tad`s Record Inc

Genre: Gospel

Fimi Praise

It’s seems the modern day Jabez has received the seal of approval and anointing to deliver the Word through song, as he has once again released an exceptional collection on his new album Reconnect. Off the heels of his sizzling album Favour Again, which featured Jabez’ soulful rendition of ‘Drinking From My Saucer’, his most recent release, Reconnect, showcases the artists refine style of deciphering the inner most turmoil of his audience and connecting them to the source of refreshing water. The messages of the album are truly a reflection of how many people constantly find themselves’ in the position where they desire or need a reconnection to God. Not only does Reconnect feature a variety of tempos for all moods and feelings, but also Jabez’ true artistic skills; as he is writer for 10 of the tracks on this album. For Jabez, this album was also an attempt to reconnect with his fan base which stretches across the globe. Although always actively touring and performing the spirit-filled tracks from his previous albums, he felt it imperative to take some time to pen and record songs that were even more relevant to the struggles of the Christian journey May the territory for his ministry surpass his most imaginative thought and may God be forever glorified. Written by: Stacy-Lee Thompson