Bapi Joss x Blvk H3ro – Ego

Bapi Joss, in a dynamic collaboration with Blvk H3ro and Delicious Vinyl Island, is proud to present their latest single, “Ego”. This Afro-dancehall banger, produced by Grammy-winning Soko7, known for his work on Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”, is set to electrify the music scene with its infectious melodies and top-notch production. 

On “Ego”, Bapi Joss and Blvk H3ro merge their unique musical styles, creating a track that pulsates with energy and cultural richness. The song is a beautiful marriage of dancehall and Afro rhythms in a melodic tapestry.

The“Ego” official music video is a Tinydoor production. Directed by Nneoma Akubuilo and edited by Normulis, the video is an impressive work. It portrays Joss & H3ro as highly sought-after photographers, using their roles to highlight themes of risk-taking and confidence. The result is a truly amazing video that showcases exceptional skill and creativity.

Bapi Joss x Blvk H3ro - Ego
Blvk H3ro x Kojo Funds - Annabella - Remix

Blvk H3ro x Kojo Funds – Annabella (Remix)

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