Edley Shine – Grow

Fresh off the heels of his appearance on Fox 5’s “Lion Lunch Hour” talk show and sizzler “Billi,” the legendary Edley Shine releases “Grow”(Shinealous). On the new banger, the former Born Jamerican shares his lyrical perspectives on the current state of Dancehall Reggae, including how the music has gone right and wrong.

As the baritone deejay celebrates his 30th Anniversary in the business, “Grow” reflects a 360 moment where profound creativity, experience and beliefs culminate. The groundbreaking “Grow” is produced by XIXI Music Group and Edley Shine.

“Grow” is accompanied by a visual shot by DigitalCinema8 Productions, while on a World Tour in Ecuador. Edley Shine speaks his peace amidst globe-trotting outside of the traditional realm of the Caribbean Market.

“Da Big Voice” lyricist views “Grow” as a statement piece, which artistically separates him from the direction the culture is taking. While most artists are going against what is traditional and bending the moral compass of Caribbean culture to garner TikTok and YouTube views, Edley Shine is presenting a brand of music he deems culturally tasteful.

“One can ‘Grow’ without being morphed into something unrecognizable,” says Edley Shine. “The new song is definitely different from what the kids are embracing and promoting to the world as Dancehall Reggae.”

“At some point, shock value no longer has ‘shock’ inna it,” says Edley Shine. “ I have always gone against the grain confidently, upon standing firm in my heritage as a foreigner to the culture.”

Although Edley Shine is a true believer in music evolving and youth carrying the torch, he has a hard time defending some of the new images and styles in the Global market, where his fan base continually asks “What is this?”

“I hope my message sparks discussion and drives creatives to reinstate moral fiber into the music,” says Edley Shine. “It’s time to balance out the darkness….that’s all I can ask as an Elder.”

Edley Shine has big plans to drop a sophomore EP this fall and continue to perform on his “Classic Meets Current Tour.”

The “Grow” single and music video are on all digital and streaming platforms on 07/26.

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