General Degree – ISLAND HOPPING

While some get caught up on hype and popularity as the key to their relevance, General Degree has remained true to the things that launched his career and made him one of the most entertaining artistes in the music business. He simply makes good music.

The dancehall artiste and music producer, whose given name is Cardiff Butt, has kicked off the summer with a new EP entitled “Island Hopping,” containing four (4) tracks to set the tone for an enjoyable experience.

The title track “Island Hopping” transports you to any island you’ve dreamed of visiting. Just think dancing on the beach in the sea breeze, or sipping on a cocktail at the pool bar, mixing and mingling with others visiting just like you.

Never one to leave the ladies out, “Wine it Hawd” encourages you to get free of your inhibitions and allow yourself to enjoy the moment, while “Call Mi” has Degree’s trademark rude bwoy swag and sexual innuendos.

Everyone who knows General Degree would be familiar with the character Granny, and now a new generation will be introduced to Bredda Butt, who seems to be having some competition with “Di Bwoy Oral.”

The EP, produced by Size 8 Records is now available, while the video for “Island Hopping” is out now.


General Degree - ISLAND HOPPING
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