Jadel – Don’t Be Mistaken – Album

New York, NY – Soca sensation Jadel is set to ignite the music scene once again with her highly anticipated album release, ‘Don’t Be Mistaken.’ Representing Trinidad and Tobago, Jadel has established herself as an independent recording artist with numerous hits that make listeners want to dance and whine. Her latest project promises to showcase a fusion of energetic and groovy soca rhythms, embodying the vibrant culture of Caribbean music.

At the forefront of the album is her dynamic single “Addictive,” featuring dancehall star Charly Black, which has soared beyond half a million views on YouTube and is continuing to shake up the music scene. Jadel’s album track list offers listeners upbeat, calypso-infused beats to immerse themselves. Her three standout tracks, “Doh Ease Meh Up,” “Garbage Day,” “Fire Body,” and “Wah Yuh Doin,” demonstrate Jadel’s true versatility as an artist and will leave listeners eagerly hitting the replay button.

Jadel is also featuring her fan-favorite track “Deserve It All,” which has amassed over 7 million views on YouTube! The project also showcases her keenness for teaming up with other artists to include the bold Love and Hip-Hop personality Karlie Redd for “Messy,” and famed artist and producer Demarco on “Shake Up.” With her global flair, Jadel brings a fresh perspective to the world of soca music with her lively vocals. She is constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new territories.

STREAM NOW: https://ffm.to/mistaken2024

Jadel - Don't Be Mistaken
Charly Black - Birthday Flex

Charly Black – Birthday Flex

Charly Black x Aicon - Make We Vibe

Charly Black x Aicon – Make We Vibe

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Tip Pon Yuh Toe - Motto ft Charly Black & Timaya

Tip Pon Yuh Toe – Motto ft Charly Black & Timaya

Charly Black (@charlytrelawnyblack) - Oxtail "Extra Gravy"

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