LanLawd ft Nicko Rebel – So Good

LanLawd and Nicko Rebel’s smash hit “So Good” continues to make waves, garnering attention and praise from fans and critics alike. Originally part of LanLawd’s highly anticipated EP, “Rise,” the single has now achieved remarkable success. The accompanying music video has charted throughout the Caribbean and even clinched the number one position on St. Lucia’s own The Waves.

Not only does “So Good” feature the artistic brilliance of rising star LanLawd and Grammy award-winning producer Nicko Rebel, but the track also showcases their seamless collaborative chemistry. With LanLawd’s soul-stirring vocals and Nicko Rebel’s melodically catchy vocals and skillful production, “So Good” stands as a musical masterpiece that has left an indelible mark on audiences.

The streets of Jamaica have also spoken, giving the collaboration between LanLawd and Nicko Rebel the credit it richly deserves. “So Good” has made its way into numerous local mixtapes, drawing significant attention to both artists and fueling its chart-topping journey.

Nicko Rebel, a well-established name in the music industry, has previously produced Koffee’s Grammy award-winning “Rapture EP” and earned a Grammy nomination for his contribution to Jesse Royal’s “Royal Album.” A dynamic force in music, Nicko continually evolves, adding yet another layer of depth to “So Good” with his melodically catchy vocals.

With the “Rise EP” available on all major digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, fans can immerse themselves in the full breadth of LanLawd’s artistic range. Whether you’re after an energetic groove or a soulful melody, the “Rise EP” is a compelling testament to LanLawd’s versatility as an artist.

As “So Good” continues its meteoric rise, LanLawd and Nicko Rebel’s collaboration sets a new standard for artistic innovation and musical brilliance. Prepare to be captivated by the magic they’ve created as you dive into the world of “So Good” and the mesmerizing “Rise EP.”

LanLawd ft Nicko Rebel - So Good
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