Semi – I’m Not Perfect

Saint Lucian reggae artist, has once again touched hearts with his new single “I’m Not Perfect.” This beautifully crafted lovers rock song conveys a heartfelt message from a man to his lady, expressing his imperfections and mistakes while assuring her that his intentions are genuine. The song is part of Semi’s musical journey following his previous hit single “I Am Blessed.”

Semi’s signature silky smooth vocals are bound to resonate with listeners, particularly the ladies, and evoke forgiveness and understanding. It’s clear that Semi continues to create meaningful and emotionally resonant music that connects with his audience on a personal level.

This single, “I’m Not Perfect,” is likely to leave a lasting impact and maintain his reputation as a heartwarming and talented reggae artiste from Saint Lucia.

Semi - I'm Not Perfect
Semi - I Am Blessed

Semi – I Am Blessed

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