Sister Carol & Nakeeba Amaniyea – Be Alone


The ‘Millenium Movie Star’ is the title of a compilation album produced by veteran deejay Sister Carol and ‘Be Alone’, its lead song.

Produced by Black Cinderella Productions and YeYeX Multimedia Productions, ‘Be Alone’ is a collaboration between Sister Carol and her daughter Nakeeba. They reminisce about growing up in Kingston, Jamaica where Sister Carol was born and Queens, New York, Nakeeba’s hometown.

The Grammy-nominated Sister Carol migrated with her family to Brooklyn, New York in the early 1970s. Growing up in a borough with thousands of Jamaicans and other West Indians was a great experience.

“New York in the ‘70s was quite an interesting time of my life. As a teenager then, it was just school and home. At that time I wasn’t allowed to go to parties so we attended day party at people house when their parents were at work, they called it Day Jump,” she recalled. “Reggae at that time was very scarce. We had only two radio stations playing reggae, WWRL and WLIB. We would turn up the radio so loud when our music was featured on radio or TV.”

‘Be Alone’ is the latest duet featuring mother and daughter. Nakeeba welcomes these joint projects.

“It is an amazing feeling singing, writing, collaborating and producing with my mother. We have a natural synergy and chemistry when it comes to creating,” she said.

‘Be Alone’ is a modern-day channeling of lovers rock nostalgia and celebrates the liberated independence of demanding joy and choosing YOU!! ENJOY!!!

Written By Howard Campbell

Sister Carol & Nakeeba Amaniyea - Be Alone
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