The Yutes – The Streets

– “The Streets” is the latest single from The Yutes forthcoming debut album “Ghetto Yutes.” Produced by JP Soundz, the track offers a gritty outlook over tough instrumental. The Yutes are scheduled to support Popcaan in various European cities, including Berlin, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Dublin, Manchester, and Amsterdam. They plan to stop over in the UK, meeting gatekeepers within the scene and diving into the heritage of Jamaican music whilst in London.

During their tour, The Yutes will have a promotional window in London from November 22-24, 2023. This period will be dedicated to engaging with UK radio stations through interviews, sessions, and other promotional activities. The aim is to introduce their music to a wider audience.

Chuck Wilson, CEO of legendary NYC based independent Hip Hop label – Babygrande – comments on the tour: “We’ve been building The Yutes for a minute in the US and Caribbean, and are now looking forward to sharing their music with a broader international audience. They’re keen to connect with UK audiences in a meaningful way – building bridges for future collaboration whilst on this huge Popcaan EU tour.”


The Yutes - The Streets
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