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New Marq Pierre - Main Squeeze - Prod by Stadic‏ Riddimstream™ the Latest Reggae, Dancehall and Soca Music.

New Marq Pierre - Main Squeeze - Prod by Stadic‏

Released on: 05 June 2015

Produced By: Stadic Studio Productions

Genre: Dancehall, Island Pop, Pop, R&B, Reggae

Orgin Location: Trinidad

Main Squeeze

Performed by Marq Pierre, Written by Silver Curtain Entertainment and Rodwell Stewart, Back Vocals by Terry Lyons, Produced by Stadic Studio Productions, Mixed by Troyton Rami Productions and Sean, Mastered by Chris / Black Shadow Sound. Talent hits a target nothing else can hit! Gracing the universe with attributes that's widely familiar yet still honing unique skills which leave people captivated and yearning for more is always something eagerly sought after. Phenoms walk the earth everday, some aware of their talents and others subconsciously await a catalyst that will propel them to greatness. Introducing to the word a confident, vibrant artiste who filled with insatiable passion for music and undaunted by excellence continues to align himself with the best. Marq Pierre, the 18 year old songster makes his debut with the Reggae/Dancehall track "Main Squeeze", written by Silver Curtain Entertainment and produced by Stadic, the entity responsible for a number of recent hit singles such as Busy Signal's - "All Night" and Fay Ann Lyons' - "Raze". First discovered by "Soul Train Award Winner - Bunji Garlin in 2007, Marq was a guest performer at Bunji B1B2 concert at the tender age of 11. With his talent blazing bright he has the drive and support to be a success. Marq's career path will be entertaining to watch and follow as a stellar beckons him. This is a Pro DJ Only Download, please create an account and complete Pro DJ Application for download approval