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Our Love - Gisto - 2017 Reggae Riddimstream™ the Latest Reggae, Dancehall and Soca Music.

Our Love - Gisto - 2017 Reggae

Released on: 13 December 2016

Genre: Reggae

Our Love


In the words of J Rockazz the observa (videographer). When you tune in to a couple of lines from the song "Our Love" by singer/songwriter Gisto, it's clear that he is an artist with a message. In the first verse he sings "...Some dem choose to hide the truth for their prosperity, but the truth is found in love and your sincerity...". What I heard was truth in his lyrics. One night in NYC Gisto linked me and played the song through a set of white earphones. I was impressed with the quality of the production, the songwriting, and the Upfull vibes dem. I knew straight away that this chune would resonate with plenty-plenty people. We made some time before his flight back to Vancouver and filmed the video at Brooklyn Bridge Park. You might have to stream it to believe it... but the reality is that you can do a lot with the phone in your pocket. The video was filmed inna DIY, guerrilla stylee, in less than two hours, on an iPhone. So tune into "Our Love" and Forward the good vibes!