DYCR – Dub, Stories and Poetry – Tads Record

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DYCR - Dub, Stories and Poetry

DYCR - Dub, Stories and Poetry

DYCR – Dub, Stories and Poetry – Tads Record


The best way to start in everything you do is giving praises and being grateful with a thankful heart and that’s exactly how this album starts with its first track ‘Jah’. Dub, Stories and Poetry is a unique fusion of authentic Reggae sound and dub poetry at its best. As an exceptional poet, DYCR has written his lines and lyrics based on his life experiences and struggles.

D.Y.C.R. continues to chant, tales of love, freedom and stories of relationship in a humorous but realistic way which is pure and true to theJamaican culture. Dub, Stories and Poetry lives up to expectations with 16 lively inspiring songs, which comes as no surprise given that DYCR was dubbed thr “Jamaica’s loudest mouthpiece”.

DYCR declares his love to his sweetheart in ‘Poet of Love’ and ‘Nyrie’ whilst in ‘Mothers Love’ it’s a bittersweet sensation. DYCR takes on the social phenomena of ‘Bleach and Tattoo’, and balances this with a taste of Dancehall ‘He Don’t Love’ featuring Terry Ganzie and Little John.

Dub, Stories and Poetry is a special collection of songs filled with thunderous dub rhythms and musical scorchers from start to finish; it is certainly a remarkable album.

Written by: Chanta-Gay Hibbert

The album is produced by Marvyn Williams and Mervyn Williams.

Album Track Listing

  1. Jah
  2. Poet of Love
  3. Chicka Bow
  4. Bother di Pope
  5. Hold It Natty
  6. Mothers Love
  7. Nyrie
  8. Peg Vampire
  9. Bleach and Tattoo
  10. Under Lox
  11. Rings and Knobs
  12. Farmer
  13. Pull Me Mek Mi Tie Yu
  14. Jackylin
  15. He Don’t Love You featuring Little John and Terry Ganzie
  16. Prayer


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3. Chicka Bow

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