George Nooks – For You – For You Album

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George Nooks - For You

George Nooks - For You

George Nooks – For You – For You Album

George Nooks Sings FOR YOU

Whether Reggae or Gospel music, George Nooks is the artist who captivates us with well-crafted masterpieces in all his studio releases. This album, ‘For You’,sets a variety of moods; soothing and stimulating sounds, strong emotions, and deep meditation.

Adding versality to the Reggae industry for years with thrilling Reggae music, George Nooks has never stopped making his voice heard. His love for Reggae music is evident and this has ushered in tremendous positive and motivating impacts in the lives of many Reggae listeners around the world.

For You’offers true authentic Reggae love vibes which speaks to the heart. It exhumes that lovey-dovey feeling which makes listeners yearn for the deepest human connection possible. ‘For You’comprises of 16 chart topping tracks, 10 of which are written by George Nooks himself.  Each track is garnished with a very appealing beat and melody which remains throbbing in the ear even when the track has ended. Each single offers a unique blend of soul and depth and collectively they create a gem which once again reveals Nooks’ remarkable craftmanship.

A delightful, thirst quenching, mind-blowing taste of Reggae music – this is a true depiction of George Nooks’ For You’ album.

Written by: Garcia Clarke & Stacy-Lee Thompson

Track Listing

  1. Give My Love a Try
  2. Chance of a Lifetime
  3. Someone Special
  4. For You
  5. Let’s Make Love
  6. God Bless Our Love
  7. How Long
  8. Come a Long Way
  9. Love Light
  10. My Heart is Gone
  11. Don’t Burn Your Bridges
  12. I Remember You
  13. Rain Drops Under
  14. Sunny Days
  15. Out of My Mind
  16. Over You
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