Gregory Isaacs at African Museum – Tad’s Record

Featured Talent :Gregory Isaacs Tads Record

Gregory Isaacs at African Museum - Tad’s Record

Gregory Isaacs at African Museum - Tad’s Record

Gregory Isaacs at African Museum

Gregory Isaacs’ Music is Alive and Flowing

Music lovers worldwide can prepare for a treat of unprecedent proportion, as new music from the late Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs is released from the vault.  Tad’s Record is pleased to release this ten-track album with never released tracks recorded for music producer Tatsuyuki Okamoto.

The authentic roots rocking Reggae feel is evident throughout the album, and Gregory laid each track singing lyrics at a rhythmic pace unique only to him.  Tracks such as What’s She Doing and Dancing Partner are thrilling reminders of the Mr. Isaacs’ talentCollaborations with Ninja Man, Johnny P, and Johnny Dizzy Moore add their own flavour to the album and showcases Gregory Isaacs ability to make great music with just the right amount of sparkle.

From the grave the Cool Ruler’s versatility lives on and still tantalizes the ears of his genuine and loyal fans as Gregory Isaacs is still at African Museum.

Written by: Stacy-Lee Thompson

Album Produced by Tatsuyuki Okamoto.
Label: Tad’s Record

Album Track Listing:

  1. Dancing Partner
  2. I Don’t Know You
  3. John Law featuring Ninja Man
  4. Souls of Ethiopia
  5. Took Another Chance
  6. Barrington
  7. What’s She Doing
  8. Favorite Love featuring Johnny P
  9. Lady Next Door featuring Johnny Dizzy Moore
  10. Lovers (Lady Next Door Version) featuring Johnny Dizzy Moore


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    7. What’s She Doing

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