Riddim Travelers ft Dutchess & Cherae – Rewind – Monom Records – DJ Pack

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Riddim Travelers ft Dutchess & Cherae “Rewind” (Monom Records)

Riddim Travelers ft Dutchess & Cherae “Rewind” (Monom Records)

Riddim Travelers ft Dutchess & Cherae “Rewind” (Monom Records) – DJ Pack

“Rewind” is the first priority single for vocalists Dutchess & Cherae and the song was produced by music industry veteran, Alexx Antaeus.

Seductive. Captivating. Enduring. Hit-making producer Alexx Antaeus and Riddim Travelers release their latest single, “Rewind” featuring Dutchess & Cherae on Monom Records. The RiddimTravelers featuring Dutchess & Cherae’s “Rewind” (Monom Records) is out now.

The Original Mix of “Rewind” is smoldering and filled with mystery. This version drips with sensuality as Dutchess & Cherae’s vocals – with Dutchess rapping in her Jamaican accent and Cherae singing in a full-throated, R&B/pop-infused way – come to the front. Producer Alexx Antaeus’ production is superbly tight and the song has the solid construction that American FM radio demands. The Basshall Remix exhibits a far-East sounding synthesizer with a pitched-down tempo so that Cherae’s vocals feel more seductive.Leaning harder towards Dutchess’ Jamaican roots, this edit maintains a dynamic punch well suited for big, open-air music festivals hitting summer 2019. Antaeus’ progressive-house touch and filthy horns ensure that this edit appeals to the more seasoned, house- music lovers packing today’s dancefloors. The Dance Remix begins with a vocoder processed vocal repeating the refrain, “Hey DJ,play my song….” The hip, throwback vibe of this edit is delicious, and the song vaults into a booming 4/4 beat filled with fun and spontaneity. As its name implies, the Reggaeton Remix is a downtempo dub track, but what’s surprising are the minor-key chords and electro-tinged synthesizers that put this version squarely in the electronic music realm. The Digi Remix has the main vocal entering immediately at the intro. This pop-radio friendly edit possesses an appealing effortlessness.

About Alexx Antaeus

Alexx Antaeus is a music producer and restaurateur based in Kingston, Jamaica, and New York City. As a voting member of NARAS (the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences), the governing body for the GRAMMY® Awards, Antaeus maintains a keensense of what’s current and important in music and pop culture. A highly respected and sought-after producer, DJ and remixer, Antaeus runs Monom Recording Studio in New York City and since 1986, he has been involved in the recording, remixing or producing of artists including, The Rolling Stones, Earth Wind & Fire, Young MC, Malcom McLaren and many others. For his work, Antaeus has earned several gold and platinum plaques. While scouting fresh new talent for his latest release, “Rewind,” Antaeusbecame smitten by the vocal skills and charismatic allure of Dutchess and Cherae. The resulting single showcases Riddim Travelers– a collective of vocalists and musicians headed by Antaeus – and Antaeus’ intoxicating songwriting to maximum effect.

About Dutchess & Cherae

Cherae Leri is an Atlanta-based singer/songwriter, model and actress who entered the entertainment industry at age three. Fueled by artistic passion and a mind for business, this songstress has been likened to Patti LaBelle, Leela James and Erykah Badu, thelatter serving a mentor’s role in Cherae’s early career. Twenty-eighteen marks the release of Cherae’s debut solo E.P., Conscience, with appearances and collaborations with Chino McGregor and Choppa Zoe, Mello The Producer and Chris Beatz, among others. Fierce of spirit yet gentle of soul, Cherae is an artist through and through. Dutchess is a Jamaican dancehall/EDM vocalist whose smooth, lyrical rhymes mesh intimately well with today’s pop and electronic dance music. Influenced by contemporary pop/urban artists, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Dutchess has a playful, youthful vigor that’s impossible to resist.


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