Gyptian – Gimme Some

Gyptian - Gimme Some

Admittedly these are some serious times that we are living through, but for the romantic at heart quarantined with the object of their affection, these austere moments also served as a time to exude romance or cheekiness, and multi-Billboard top charting recording artist Gytpian promptly delivered the soundtrack with “Gimme Some”.

Produced by Stanley “Rellee” Hayden (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Notorius BIG, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Usher, and Mary J Blige and more) and Dennis “Soulplusmind” Coronel for A-Team Music, “Gimme Some” written by Gyptian gives way to melodious memorable verses, stacking each with saucy lyrics. “Baby gimme some .. Gimme some.. Gimme some ah di thing weh caun done.. Ah you mi wan fi wine pon me.. And ah you me see sexy..”

When asked about the creativity of the song, renowned producer Relle Hayden stated, “This song was actually created seven years ago and feels right now to release the record, especially with the concept of him and a special lady being lockdown. With the current state of the world and the pandemic (COVID-19) right now having that special someone to lockdown with this song is definitely relatable to many.”

Gyptian, who came to prominence to a global audience with multiple Billboard charts, notably with the gold-selling single ‘Hold Yuh’, is also known for a number of hits including “Serious Times”, “Beautiful Lady”, all three hit tracks which the international reggae and dancehall star recently performed to rave reviews at this year’s online version of Reggae Sumfest, dubbed the Greatest Reggae Show on Earth.

Mr.Notch – Black My Story

Mr.Notch - Black My Story

Black My Story …..marcus mosiah garvey laid the foundation and issued the challenge to this generation. mr. notch provides the soundtrack to todays unified effort for that long awaited change. with the original sound of roots rock reggae the renaissance of rebel music lives.

The song is to commemorate Marcus Garvey’s Birthday Celebration, 17th August 2020.

“Black My Story” by Mr. Notch
Label: Carib Beat Son

Kes & Jimmy October – Magic ft. Etienne Charles

Kes & Jimmy October - Magic ft. Etienne Charles

Icons of soca music and ambassadors of Caribbean culture, Trinidad’s KES (aka KES THE BAND) bring their first new full-length in over five years, We Home, on August 28th. The group, led by charismatic frontman Kees Dieffenthaller, breathes new life into its catalog of Carnival hits and island pop jams on the live album, with fresh renditions showcasing their prowess as a live band par excellence.

Kes – Hello – We Home Album

Kes - Hello - We Home

Icons of soca music and ambassadors of Caribbean culture, Trinidad’s KES (aka KES THE BAND) bring their first new full-length in over five years, We Home, on August 28th. The group, led by charismatic frontman Kees Dieffenthaller, breathes new life into its catalog of Carnival hits and island pop jams on the live album, with fresh renditions showcasing their prowess as a live band par excellence.

The second of four single releases leading up to the release of We Home, “Hello” puts a fresh spin on KES’ biggest hit to date. First released for the 2018 Trinidad Carnival season, the original version of “Hello” has organically grown into one of the most streamed soca songs of all time, with over 70 million streams across YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud. On YouTube, where “Hello” has amassed over 42 million views, only the Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out” and Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” have more spins within the genre.

The new version of “Hello” takes the track out of the soca fetes and Carnival processions and brings it into the broader world of melodic pop anthems. Lilting flutes, jangly guitars and insistent bass and drums surround its addictive refrain, creating a feel that’s distinctly tropical and undeniably universal. A brilliant illustration from Trinidadian artist creative director Nicholas Huggins, who’s brought his distinctive vision to the artwork for the album and all four singles, rounds out the package.

Gary Walters – House Of Love

Gary Walters - House Of Love

Garfield Walters also known as Gary “Poo” Walters by most of his fans was born on the island of Barbados. Gary Walters the vocalist and songwriter began entertaining at an early age. By fifteen he had already appeared on the Vic Brewster talent show on CBC TV and through that one appearance he received many bookings at such popular nightspots of the time, like the Caribbean Pepper Pot and the South Winds Hotel.
Gary shared the stage with the late Jackie Opel, The Dukes, Egbert Sayers, and his Fontains and Mike Wilkinson. Shortly after Gary joined a musical group called The Revelations to establish a reputation of a fine quality within the music industry in Barbados.
Since then Gary left the island to further his experience in the field of music. While living in the U.S.A. he sang with a trio for a little while, he now currently does concerts, parties, and shows. Ever so often Gary goes back to Barbados because that’s where his heart is.
Gary currently has three albums to his credit including “Caribbean Favorites” and “Gary Walters Sings His Originals.” Gary Walters is known for singing ballads, but he also wrote a song titled Bajan Woman, which is done in the Soca style and makes him one of the only artists to praise the Bajan Woman.

Jahman – Wah Dem Know – Splatter House Records

Jahman - Wah Dem Know - Splater House Records

Artist: JahMan . Song Title: Wah Dem Know. Producer: Delroy “Phatta” Pottinger . Guitarist: Mitchum Chin . Bass: Robbie Shakespeare. Drums: Sly Dunbar. KeyBoard: Lenky Marsden. Label Info: Splatter House Records

Squash – Different Ranking – Reggae Gold 2020

Squash - Different Ranking - Reggae Gold 2020Squash - Different Ranking - Reggae Gold 2020

rap-Dancehall King Squash has a new accolade to add to his success chest. Squash is now Reggae Gold … in the sense that his newest release, “Different Rankin” is included on the new compilation from VP Records.

Reggae Gold 2020 features the hottest songs in the Reggae and Dancehall landscape. The 6iix Boss adds his voice and talent to the project and makes it clear that he is on a different rankin.’ The fact of the matter is he celebrates life with expensive everything and he is not shy to let us hear. Squash sing-jays “stack it up pack it up this ah different rankin / pocket dem full ah Benjamin Franklin / money ah dih road / Lord forgive my sins / stankin rich / stankin rich / inna mih house me ah put ah elevator ….”

The riddim to which this song is performed is in-step with modern Trap-Dancehall tones we hear and compliments the theme of Squash’s song which is being on a ‘different rankin.’ The bass line and piano riff holds listeners like glue which means they are acutely tuned in to you!

“Different Rankin” is the first release from Reggae Gold 2020 and ready for you to download. The music video was released yesterday (August 4th) to celebrate Squash’s birthday ( The party continues this weekend.

Make sure you tag Squash when you play the chune on-air @squash6iixboss and tag me too @vprecords @thesonicexecutive

Tasha T – SMH (Social Media Hype)

Tasha T - SMH

“SMH” stems from the negative impact of social media that Tasha T has been observing. Sometimes we are not conscious of the repercussions that come with what we post on social media. She sings, “A nuh everything yuh fi post.” “A nuh everything yuh fi share”. Not to mention, she states, “Yuh have to be smart and clever, don’t throw your business out there.” Reminding listeners that it’s important to be mindful of the content that we post. SMH produced by RasVibe Records Inc and SPI Music Inc – distributed by Vpal Music. Available on all streaming platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Tasha -T is a conscious artist who keeps the message in her music. She strives to continue her mission to preserve reggae music that will last a lifetime. Nevertheless, “SMH” is just the beginning of what she has in store! Look out for more music and events throughout 2020. Let’s spread the message and the sweet good reggae music across the world reaching out to all people of different walks of life. Tasha T is available for radio interviews, radio drops and concert performances.

Dre Island – Now I Rise – Deluxe Edition

Dre Island - Now I Rise - Deluxe Edition

Dre Island, the enigmatic singer hailing from the Red Hills Rd section of Kingston, released the deluxe edition of his long-awaited debut album today. The 17-track expanded version of the album features 4 new songs. Adding to an impressive list of collaborations, Now I Rise (Deluxe Edition) features the Grammy award winning hip hop star and philanthropist Wyclef Jean, dancehall star Teejay, and Australian based Electronic artist Dub Fx.

The Deluxe Edition starts with a piano laced Introduction, which features spoken word from Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s speech to students in Philadelphia in 1967, also known as “What is your life’s blueprint?” speech. This compelling message is coupled with excerpts from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator,” which sound the alarm for our current times. “Same Ole Song” feat Teejay continues the set in dramatic fashion echoing the rebellious chant of generations past. Dub Fx puts his creative touch on the EDM influenced More Love. With the final track “Justice” feat Wyclef Jean rounding out the set in a dramatic tone as they lament the unfortunate death of Ahmaud Arbery and the current Black Lives Matter Movement.