Ikaya – All Woman – Reggae Gold 2020

Ikaya - All Woman - Reggae Gold 2020

One of the most soul-filled voices performing in our genre belongs to Ikaya. This certified songstress has the votes of fans and the fraternity because her music speaks to and resonates in our hearts. Her discography includes notable songs such as “Ugly Girl,” “Leave You Alone” featuring Jesse Royal and “Hard Way.” Today Ikaya adds another notable song to her catalog.

“All Woman” is an undeniable anthem. The song comes from the Reggae Gold 2020 compilation disc due to be released August 28th, 2020 by VP Records.

Produced by Jeremy Harding, Ikaya sings lyrics that are hard to deny: “Woke up this morning in the same black skin / No makeup, no weave, mi nuh got no tracks in / Feeling like a queen on this black hill / Don’t need your validation / A true empress within….”

“All Woman” empowers women from all walks of life. The song celebrates the way we look, how we speak, what we think and where we are from. The song unifies us and reminds us that we have more in common than not, and dare I say, the song encourages men to love us just as we are too!

Sonically, you will savour Jeremy’s choice of contemporary one-drop to support Ikaya’s performance. The bass line is progressive, like the footpath of women over the centuries, and the accent of the harp represents the softer feminine side. The tap of the drumstick on the rim of the snare drum keeps the production on time and in-step. This song will be on repeat!

Squash – Different Ranking – Reggae Gold 2020

Squash - Different Ranking - Reggae Gold 2020Squash - Different Ranking - Reggae Gold 2020

rap-Dancehall King Squash has a new accolade to add to his success chest. Squash is now Reggae Gold … in the sense that his newest release, “Different Rankin” is included on the new compilation from VP Records.

Reggae Gold 2020 features the hottest songs in the Reggae and Dancehall landscape. The 6iix Boss adds his voice and talent to the project and makes it clear that he is on a different rankin.’ The fact of the matter is he celebrates life with expensive everything and he is not shy to let us hear. Squash sing-jays “stack it up pack it up this ah different rankin / pocket dem full ah Benjamin Franklin / money ah dih road / Lord forgive my sins / stankin rich / stankin rich / inna mih house me ah put ah elevator ….”

The riddim to which this song is performed is in-step with modern Trap-Dancehall tones we hear and compliments the theme of Squash’s song which is being on a ‘different rankin.’ The bass line and piano riff holds listeners like glue which means they are acutely tuned in to you!

“Different Rankin” is the first release from Reggae Gold 2020 and ready for you to download. The music video was released yesterday (August 4th) to celebrate Squash’s birthday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1J4xzpDEAU). The party continues this weekend.

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