Shock Value EP | Rebel Sixx | Trinidad Dancehall 2020

Rebel Sixx - Shock Value EP

After 2 years of aggressively attacking the dancehall scheme on the charts and winning the hearts of the ground Rebel Sixx has honed in on his talent and vision to evolve into a global artiste. Starting the year with weekly releases and dynamic visuals, as a subtle climatic lead up, he’s curated a storyline that lays out a map straight back to what would be his first fully conceptualized and personalized body of work: Shock Value. The project is a rollercoaster, thrilling and loaded with twists and turns. He narrates stories of his early life, relationship with his family, friends and even his enemies along with accounts of the street life, anthems of the ground mixed with stories of triumph. On a mission to raise the standard of the industry and pioneer a new era of artiste he, his team & all associated entities have created the first of many dancehall projects totally from Trinidad.

Stage Gone Bad – Kes & Iwer George – 2020 Soca

Stage Gone Bad - Kes & Iwer George - 2020 Soca
Performed By: Kees Dieffenthaller & Neil Iwer George
Written By: Andre Jeffers [Perception Management]
Produced by : Badjohn Republic & The KVG
Additional Production By : 2RR Productions & Jelani “Pops” Shaw [P.A.G.E]
Background vocals By : Gregory Ayuen, Jonnelle Manwaring, Sherisse Collymore, Bjorn Graham, Karyce Marcano, Wesley Charles
Mixed By : Precision Productions
Mastered By: Precision Productions
Distributed by: Shayegan Media & Marketing