Kukudoo – Jerusalem – Tad’s Record

Kukudoo - Jerusalem - Tad's Record

Jerusalem is a profound compilation with the right rhythm, perform by an artistic individual called David ‘Kukukdoo’ McDermott.
Kukudoo is known as a vibes machine with his signature revivalist style and sound “Hai Hai Hai”. He is one of Jamaica’s vibrant gospel singers, born and raised in the March Pen area of Spanish Town, St Catherine. David initially had no interest in church or gospel singing but this proved to be his divine destiny. ‘Kukudoo’ is water baptised, Holy Ghost-filled and he is also a Minister of the word of God. His songs are popular in Jamaica’s nine night and set-up settings creating that good Jamaican vibes. Kukudoo’s aim is to continue breaking new grounds; with the of hope of positively impacting Jamaica and the world with his ministry and music.
This album, Jerusalem, consists of 16 spirit filled tracks, with biting lyrics, backed by rhythmic drumming; featuring hit singles such as ‘King David’ and ‘Thank You Jesus’. Jerusalem is a true representation of Jamaica’s spiritual heritage and promises to keep you rocking to every beat.

Written by: Garcia Clarke

Produced by: David McDermott for Tad’s Record
Executive Producers: Tad A. Dawkins, and Tad A. Dawkins Jnr.

Chezidek – March

Chezidek - March

In the current social climate, Chezidek has stepped up and continues his trend of producing conscious music with a positive message. His new single March is a call for mobility and equality; reflecting the global movement of ‘justice for all’. “So much things going on with black people ‘round the world, so wi have a lot to sey,” Chezidek disclosed.
July 23, 2020 will go down as a special day for Chezidek. The roots singer’s latest album, Hello Africa, will be released on that date by Tad’s International Record; significantly, it is also the birthday of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I.
The date is important to Chezidek who, like all Rastafarians, revere Selassie as an omnipotent figure. Produced by his Cheziberry Records, he believes Hello Africa is his most hard-hitting work to date, boosted by songs like Because I’m Black, and March.
Because I’m Black, a jab at institutionalized racism, sets the tone for Hello Africa and the second single March calls to global unification and action to tackle the injustices of the world.
Keep your ears open and receive the inspiration to MARCH!

He’ll Do It Again – George Nooks

He'll Do It Again - George Nooks

A spiritual Gospel/Reggae artist, George Nooks never disappoints his audience. Nooks is a man with a vision, and he is known as one of the all times favourite singers/performers both locally and internationally of the genre and he knows how to represent.

The single, ‘He’ll Do It Again’, is a rich and tuneful cover of a popular gospel song revamped with a vibrant Jamaican rhythm. ‘He’ll Do It Again’ spills sweet words of motivation through tough and depressing situations and offers assurance of comfort through such storms.  We are melodiously reminded that God will always be there to fight our battles again and again.

He’ll Do It Again is produced by George Nooks, with executive producers Tad A. Dawkins and Tad A. Dawkins Jnr. and distributed worldwide by Tad’s Record Inc.

Written by Garcia Clarke

Title: He’ll Do It Again
George Nooks
Produced by: George Nooks
Executive Producers: Tad A. Dawkins, and Tad A. Dawkins Jnr

Mortimer – Road To Trod – Keep Up Riddim

Mortimer - Road To Trod - Keep Up Riddim

Tad’s Record is proud to announce the release of its first smashing riddim for 2020 ‘Keep Up Riddim’, produced by Tad A. Dawkins Jr. aka Jr Tads.  This is the first riddim from the newly equipped Tad’s Recording Studio, featuring some of the remarkable names of Reggae music, including Marcia Griffiths, Chezidek, Hezron, Etana, Tanya Stephens, Shuga, Richie Spice, Glen Washington, Iba Mahr, and Mortimer.

When asked on the inspiration behind the riddim, Jr. Tads said, “the vibes of the riddim reminds me of youths keeping up on a field”.

Enjoy the sound and prepare yourself for more solid Reggae sounds set for releases from Jr Tads and Tad’s Recording Studio.

Written by Stacy-Lee Thompson

Dennis Brown – Bobby Socks to Stockings

Dennis Brown - Satisfaction Feeling - Deluxe Edition

One of Jamaica’s most beloved Reggae artist the late Dennis Brown is always fresh on the mind of everyone worldwide.

Tad’s Record is proud to present Dennis Brown’s brand-new classic ‘Bobby Socks to Stockings’. This authentic reggae track speaks directly about the transformation of young girls to women. This track is smooth, and the rhythm is just right, Dennis Brown never fails when delivering and this single does not disappoint.

Bobby Socks and Stocking is slated for release on January 31, 2020 to celebrate Dennis Brown’s 63rd birthday on February 1st. This record was produced by Tad A. Dawkins and Tad A. Dawkins Jnr. and is distributed worldwide by Tad’s Record Inc.

Written by Garcia Clarke

George Nooks – For You – Tad’s Record Inc

George Nooks - For You - Tad's Record Inc

George Nooks’ ‘For You’ Video Filled with Love


Whether Reggae or Gospel music, George Nooks is the artist who captivates us with well-crafted masterpieces in all his studio releases. The video of his smashing single ‘For You’ is nothing less, as it expresses the depths of love in a relationship.  Accompanied by a vase array of musicians on their instruments, including the talented saxophonist Dean Fraser, the video for this single truly depicts the limitless boundaries of true love.


Adding versality to the Reggae industry for years with thrilling Reggae music, George Nooks has never stopped making his voice heard. His love for Reggae music is evident and this has ushered in tremendous positive and motivating impacts in the lives of many Reggae listeners around the world.




Chezidek – Because I’m Black

Chezidek - Because I'm Black

Tad’s Record is proud to present ‘Because I’m Black’ by recording artist Chezidek. Chezidek is known for mesmerizing his audience with positive lyrics and true Rastafarian vibes. His songs normally touch on topics that are happening and evident in our world today, this track ‘Because I’m Black’ is no different.

‘Because I’m Black’ speaks directly to the black community and the injustices black people face worldwide because of the colour of their skin. It also encourages justice and equality for all humanity to attain universal harmony and peace.

This track is also celebrating Black History Month February 2020, and with such a powerful message it’s bound to satisfy worldwide. It is also the prelude to the release of a Chezidek album by Tad’s in June 2020. The executive producers of Because I’m Black are Tad A. Dawkins and Tad A. Dawkins Jnr. and the single is distributed worldwide by Tad’s Record Inc.

Written by Garcia Clarke