Yolo Riddim – Various Artists – Frankie Music

Yolo Riddim - Various Artists - Frankie Music

Frankie Music has released their first dancehall Rhythm juggling since the start of the year.

The project, entitled the YOLO RIDDIM premiers Friday Jun 26, 2020 and features the likes of Dancehall Star Beenie Man, Demarco, Singer J, Teejay, Qraig, Hydal, Christopher Martin, Krysie, Yaksta and Shawn Antoine.

Head honcho of the label, Comar “Frankie Music” Campbell says the YOLO Riddim is geared towards putting dancehall lovers “In a good mood”.

“The vibe that you get from the rhythm is very upbeat and groovy. Y-O-L-O means You Only Live Once and most of the Artistes on the project are basically telling you to enjoy life to the fullest”.

The YOLO Rhythm project follows Bella Blair’s reggae-inspired single, “Gimme Me A Light”, Qraig’s “Black Magic” and “My Paradise”.

Frankie believes that despite the challenging circumstances brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, music lovers should remain positive, have fun and hope for the best!!

Bulby York – Wiggle Wiggle Feat. Malica & Beenie Man

Bulby York - Wiggle Wiggle Feat. Malica & Beenie Man

Just in time for the summer season and your favorite playlist, “Wiggle Wiggle” delivers an updated version of a nostalgic favorite dancehall era. “I’ve noticed a lot of conversations about where dancehall is today with some raving about it and others not so much. I’ve also noticed a lot of credit being given to places and people with no regard to the Jamaican originators. Personally, I consider the new wave of “dancehall” as a subgroup of the 90s sound many are longing for.” – Malica. “Because of this I felt it was imperative to carry on the dancehall sound while still integrating some of my Fusion style in my vocal delivery. Teaming up with my co-writers Crystal Tais, Abe Williams Jr, Charles “Dr Do” Davids & Hamali helped solidify the “happy effect” that you find in some of the most popular dancehall songs. I feel it’s imperative that even if we create other new and incredible styles we can’t neglect the pioneering sounds by straying too far from the mold. Who better to do that with than Bulby York & The KING of The Dancehall Beenie Man.”