Teddyson John and the TJ Project Start it for Kes Tuesday on the Rocks!

On Tuesday February 18, Teddyson John (TJ) and his band ‘ The TJ Project’ will bring the Saint Lucian rhythm to one of the most highly anticipated concerts on the Trinidad Carnival calendar, ‘Kes Tuesday on the Rocks.’ From 8:00 p.m. , the Queens Park Savannah will come alive with the creme de la creme of Caribbean artistes and, in particular a historic performance by TJ and his team.

Set to deliver a dynamic forty-five minute set of sweet soca music, TJ and the Project are primed to captivate the audience and spark a wave of euphoria. Teddyson boasts of an incredible catalogue of inspiring music, ladies anthems and timeless collaborations.

Thrilled about this opportunity TJ is quoted saying, ” The band and I are extremely grateful to share this stage in such a major way. We have been blessed to get to ursher in my brother Kes and his band and we’re definitely bringing the Lucian vibe. This is not only significant for me, this is huge for Saint Lucia and we intend to leave a mark.”

Supported by Caribcation, The TJ Project arrived in Port of Spain on Sunday February 16 to join TJ, a recently appointed Brand Ambassador to Saint Lucia, who has been enjoying yet another stellar in the soca meca.

For more of this journey be sure sure to follow @teddysonjohn , @tjprojectofficial, @caribcation and @kesthebandofficial via Instagram and other social media platforms.

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