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Where Im From - Drastic Feat Tha Shya

Released on: 01 November 2016

Produced By: Jus Bus

Genre: Island Pop

Orgin Location: Antigua

Where Im From
Drastic Tha Shya

Today, the Artist depicts that truly, “home is where the heart is”, with the release of - Where I’m From - a song from the heart produced by “Justin Nation” aka Jus Bus, and featuring Antiguan born Travis Philip also known as Tha Shya (Drastic’s cousin, & son of former Antiguan Calypsonian “Chalice”). Drastic says, “Where I’m From is my gift in song to the people of Antigua and Barbuda and to all who can positively relate to the message. Where I’m From speaks about the blessings of God on our islands and calls for more love and togetherness among our people.” It encourages people everywhere to ‘strive to be great’ with the affirmation ‘each endeavouring and all achieving’ – Antigua’s Famous national motto, included as one of it’s most prolific lines. It is important to note that while busy representing Antigua independently overseas, he continues to emphasise love and patriotism for his homeland.